This is Alanis Morrissette.  I kid you not.  I guess Jennifer Love Hewitt must have needed a body double.

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  • Zachary

    The face is wrong, but yes.

  • Wiggity

    NO, I don’t believe it. I thought she was all chunkified now anyway. Has she changed careers and become an office assistant?

  • countbyfives

    i saw her face and thought “Celine Dion got extensions?”

  • Lioness

    Hey, at least the boobage is in the right zip code. Jennifer Love Hewitt’s have been known to have separate ones.

  • Olivia J. Snarkypants

    I thought it was Celine Dion as well. Must be a French Canadian thing…

  • Daisy

    Remember when she didn’t brush her hair, hated men, and screamed a lot? Yeah. Me neither.

  • Leroy

    This is what happens when Ryan Reynolds dumps you for a younger woman…

  • mlm

    If that is Alanis, did she get plastic surgery? Her face looks nothing like that…

  • megan yore

    it doesnt look like her at all, but that might just b/c shes making a strange face and shes wearing something feminine… which is a lot like Pink in a dress. My favorite part is that the post is just called… No.

  • Francisco Dreadful

    Sorry about this reply being so late, but I haven’t read themockdock for a while and I was catching up now.
    Anyway, considering that I am Alanis biggest fan, I’m doing my best not to get all hypersensitive… just like megan, I think the title is funny.

    I actually think she looks okay, but that dress is SO not her!!