Time To Invest In Some Elevator Shoes, Tom

Word on the street is that Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are in search of a script so that they can play opposite one another in movie, and that the remake of Last Tango in Paris is being considered.

To that I say, eeew.

LOOK at how much shorter he is than Katie.  And they are on LEVEL GROUND.

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  • Buckeye Bob

    Not to help him out but he is standing on his back foot which is positioned off the curb and on the street while she is standing on the sidewalk which is a few inches higher. She also has some very high heels. Poor little feller.

  • Lyonella

    It reminds me of my friend’s miniature donkey that tries to hook up with all the tall horses. He finally managed it by maneuvering the horse of his choice into a ditch so that he could stand on the high side – Tom, yu iz doin it rong!

  • directorevil

    There seems to be some excessive wear on the kneeular area
    of her panty hose.

  • Anonymous

    Um, she’s in 4 1/2 inch heels and he’s not standing on the sidewalk with her. That said, she is 5’10 and he is 5’8. It’s not that disparaging.

  • SnarkyBritches

    Wow, I thought she wasn’t allowed to wear heels in public. Ol Tommy must be mellowing his brainwashing.

  • http://isthatanisland.com AuntBarb

    Obviously Photoshopped.

    Save the picture, open it up with any photo editing program (I used the primitive Windows Paint), enlarge, and look at his feet. Left foot on the curb, right foot in midair. Fake.

  • Buckeye Bob

    Sorry AuntBarb ,
    His right foot is not in mid air. It’s on the street. The street is at a normal elevation of 6 inches below that of the side walk on which she is standing plus she’s wearing her 4-6 inch heels. There is no photoshop here. It’s a matter of 6 inches here and 4-5 inches there and we know she is 2 inches taller so that accounts for over a foot. No big deal other than looking funny.

  • Lioness

    Can we all start wearing something other than shades of black? Bump the fact that he’s shorter than her, or that the photo is fake. It’s dreary enough that it’s almost officially wintertime (even in the South). Even the interior of the vehicle is greyish black. Guh!

  • rosie too

    There is NO WAY that Tom Cruise if 5’8″. I don’t care what his publicist says. 5’4″ max.

  • megan yore

    HA HA he looks like her CHILD in this picture!!

  • Jen

    so… wait, she’s 5’10” in 4 1/2-6 inch heels. There is the 6″ sidewalk, which makes her in this photo in relation to him…5’20ish and a half. He is 5’8″- 5’4″ minus 6″ for the curb and lots of inches for the shoes, plus his hidden heel stackers, which makes him really freaking short.

  • http://www.donsfootwear.com Allan

    I hope I can make some for him 1 day. Im waiting for his agent to call. haha