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It’s Official, Mockdockers!

Jon McLaughlin, the rising star who you’re probably already hearing on the radio, loves the Mock Dock. Remember when I told you about him several weeks ago?  And I told you that if we were nice to him on the site, that perhaps one day he might proclaim his love for The Mock Dock?  And remember that I told you that if he did that, our collective coolness would be totally off the charts?

Well mockers, consider yourselves cool.

Earlier this week, Daisy’s friend alerted us to the fact that Jon was scheduled to do a live performance/CD signing at one of the Borders Book stores here in town today.  And so I emailed Jon’s sister, who you may remember I told you was hired at my company and is way cool – and I asked her if she might be able to convince Jon to treat Daisy and her friend and me like total VIP’s if we showed up at the Borders.  And because she’s way cool, she said, “SURE!” She’s his older sister, which I think means she still has bossing around powers.

And it gets better.  She showed him the post we did on him, AND the 20/20 episode, and texted me that he loved both of them.  You can only imagine how cool I felt after hearing this news.

Unfortunately, Daisy and her friend couldn’t make it, but I met Jon’s sister there, as well as their whole entire family, including Jon’s adorable wife Amy, and I watched the performance with them.

And then, the magic happened.

Even though there was a huuuuuuuuuuuuge line of people waiting to get photos and autographs with Jon, his sister took me right up to him and interrupted the huuuuge line of people to introduce me.  At that moment, I was the very DEFINITION of cool.  It doesn’t get cooler than that.

And so I said, “Hey – can you do me a favor and say that you love the Mock Dock?”  And he said, “Sure – I SAY THAT ALL THE TIME.”  Because, you see, he is not only totally talented and dreamy looking, even when he’s all Ethan Hawkified with his facial hair, but he also has a sense of humor.  

So, dearest mockdockers, below I give you the following:

1.  A little bit of Jon performing his latest single Beating My Heart. (Apologies for the poor sound quality, but I stood in the back so as to not appear like a total stalker. Plus, I have a totally amateur camera.)
2. A little bit of Jon performing another song from his new CD, in which audience participation is included.
3.  THE BEST VIDEO OF ALL – A special message from Jon to all of you!!

Go buy his CD right now.  I promise you it’s great!  And besides, when he’s hugely famous, even more so than he is now, you can say you knew him way back when he was a mockdocker, just like you.

Yes. I Will Need To See This.

Cannot wait. You know who I think is kinda hot? That Bradley Cooper guy. Most of the time he plays a total jerkface, and 99.9999% of the time I’m never attracted to blondes, but he looks kinda hot in this. Plus, the whole thing looks good.

You guys, I have news. I’m waiting for a few youtube downloads to finish up, and then I will post the BIG NEWS.

In Case You Care.

Here’s Britney performing on XFactor in the UK this weekend.

When she tours, I don’t think she should be allowed to call it a concert. It’s not. It’s just her dancing to all of her own songs. If she ever ever ever ever sings live ever, there should be some sort of national holiday created in her honor or something, just because it would be so completely out of the ordinary.

I hate myself for loving this song so much.

Headin’ Home!

We just drove through Kentucky, and this billboard made me giggle SO MUCH.  “Tattoos While You Wait.”  Isn’t that the greatest?  I tried to convince Mr. Mock to let us stop there, so that I could go in and say that I didn’t want to wait – I simply wanted a tattoo to go – but he is all anxious to get home. 

So you know what one of my most favorite things about Atlanta is?  Ippolito’s garlic rolls.  If you have not had an opportunity to try one of these delicacies, you MUST make up a reason to go to Atlanta and have one.  That’s how worth it they are.  They will also make you virtually impossible to be around for several days after you eat them, because the amount of garlic that they put on them is enough to kill off the entire cast of Twilight several times over.

Still.  You should try them.

Let’s Write A NeverEnding Story!

Let’s do a Mockdock experiment.  I want us all to write a story about this couple.  They are just too hilarious not to make up a story about.  I will start.

The holidays for Maureen and Bruce Nesbitt always started out the same.  The annual Christmas greeting photo card.  This year, they were overjoyed to be able to include their new puppy, Buster, in the photo.  Maureen orchestrated the outfits, and was excited to try out her new side-ponytail hairstyle that she found in an old Tiger Beat magazine in her Grandma Eunice’s attic. She had also stocked up on her favorite Bonne Bell rouge especially for the photo.

Bruce, meanwhile, at Maureen’s behest, had agreed to “get a little wild” for their photo, and parted his hair on the opposite side of what he was accustomed to. 

The story of how they met is legendary.  They met…

(OK mockdockers, it’s your turn.  Let’s keep this story going!!)


This is Alanis Morrissette.  I kid you not.  I guess Jennifer Love Hewitt must have needed a body double.

My Body, Your Body

See more Jack McBrayer videos at Funny or Die

Third installment of Livin’ ‘Neath the Law. Enjoy!

Time To Invest In Some Elevator Shoes, Tom

Word on the street is that Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are in search of a script so that they can play opposite one another in movie, and that the remake of Last Tango in Paris is being considered.

To that I say, eeew.

LOOK at how much shorter he is than Katie.  And they are on LEVEL GROUND.

Shelbyville, Indiana: We Grow ‘Em Tall, And We Grow ‘Em Old

Remember how I posted some time ago about how the tallest lady ever died in Shelbyville, Indiana?  Well, now the OLDEST lady in the world has just died there.  And not only that, but she died in the SAME NURSING HOME as the tallest lady.  How crazy is that?

Edna Parker died at age 115.  That means, you guys, that she was born in 1893.  Can you even imagine?  She was widowed in 1939, and lived on the farmhouse she shared with her late husband until she was 100.  Only then did she move in with her son for a short time, before going to the nursing home where the tallest lady lived.   

There is something really World Recordy about that nursing home.  So, I guess if you want to be the -est of something (shortest? thinnest? craziest?) you might want to go there.

Sorry Dame…

…but this new Heigl flick looks fabulous, and I totally want to see it, mostly because Gerard Butler is totally dreamy.

However, he’s not dreamy enough for me to be convinced to see 300, even though it’s one of Mr. Mock’s favorites. It looks too bloody and violent and killy to me. I think Gerard, along with Clive Owen, have been officially placed into the category of men which Mr. Mock would be ok with admitting he wouldn’t mind being. Steve McQueen tops that list. I think in general, it’s easier for guys to say that they wouldn’t mind BEING other guys than it is to just say that other guys are hot.

But I’m pretty sure it’s the same thing.

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