You Know What I Hate?

Canker sores.  I have one of those annoying, sting-y, little owies inside my lower gumline.  The kind that you are sort of able to forget about until you eat, like, an orange or something, and are suddenly plunged into a big ole vat of pain.

You know what Mr. Mock does when he gets a canker sore?  He BITES IT OFF.  That’s how much of a badass he is.  He’s always telling me to do that, but I can’t because a) I’m too much of a wuss and b) I rather enjoy whimpering about it and having him pay sympathetic attention to me.

You know what will totally make me forget all about my canker sore?  The fact that Daisy and I are leaving Sunday for a girl trip to Chicago!  AND we’re even taking Monday off so that we can stay a night and then shop and eat our collective assular areas off.  It’s going to be fantabulous.

So – you’re probably wondering why there’s a baby meerkat attached to this post.  Let me just say this:  I searched for an appopriate picture that would go along with the canker sore theme, and nearly lost my lunch over what came up on my screen.  I figured it’s Halloween, and you guys deserved something not awful to look at.  So Happy Halloween!

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  • ER

    Here’s a little tip. My husband and I are both susceptible to those (they’re not contagious, but they’re brought on my stress, or mouth accidents like jamming your toothbrush into your gum, etc.). We buy Listerine whitening and add an additional amount of hydrogen peroxide to the bottle and it makes a world of difference. Now they’re few and far between and typically only come up when we slack off the peroxide treatment.

    Plain peroxide works better, but it tastes like crap! Good luck and I feel your pain!

  • Daisy

    Canker sores, shmanker sores. My Mom used to put whiskey on my gums when I was a baby for teething (well, that’s what she claims, anyways). So, to use my mother’s logic, I can take some of the vodka I’ll be drinking in about 48 hours somewhere on Michigan Avenue – in between shopping and grazing and more shopping – and smear it on your gumular area. You’ll be fine. Really.

  • red

    I take co enzyme Q10 for the sores, which seems to help, and have read that coconut oil applied directly is very good, but my daughter says it is gross.

    Have fun in Chicago….

  • Jenn

    Anbesol is your friend! And it makes everything else you’ve eaten that day taste like Anbesol too! But you’ll feel much better.

  • crabbyal

    Salt-Burns like a sonofagun, but it works for me.

  • Anonymous

    The missing letters above are fag-That was not funny until I wrote the missing letters and realized that they made a word! Son of a gun….

  • Rachel

    I also recommend swishing salt water — a lot of salt in the water.

  • Jordon

    Anbesol does not mix well with Vodka!

  • Lioness

    Yea, salt does wonders, and I hate to say it, but a little dab of Neosporin. Don’t slather it, but shmear a tiny amount into it. Numbs it up really well.

  • Pris

    Baking soda

  • elizabeth.

    One time when I was a kid I had a tooth coming in and my dad was watching me while my mom was out. He called my mom to ask what he should do for the pain, and she said to use whiskey. Having stellar parenting skills, and lack of proper communication, he proceeded to give me a small shot of whiskey as apposed to rubbing it on my gum. Awesome. My mom was less than amused.