Nicole Kidman’s Face Is Out Of Control

This is a woman who INSISTS she’s had no work done to her face.  But look at her.  There is NO WAY she’s botox free.  This isn’t about just retouching or airbrushing or even the normal aging process, this is about her not being able to smile normally anymore.  This is about her having Meg Ryan lips.  This is about her looking more and more like an alien.

Look how pretty she used to be back in the day.

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  • Riley

    Her lips are a bit much, but overall she’s still fabulous compared to most of us.

  • wordwych

    She is beautiful, but she had best leave those lips alone or she’s going to end up looking like Donatella.

  • Punky

    What’s going on with the bridesmaid hair in the Parade picture? I have to confess, I always loved her beautiful red curls! I’m sure she has a battalion of stylists to make her hair look the way it does, but I always wanted her hair!

  • red

    she says she is a natural blonde, but if you look at some pictures of her, she has gone quite gray… color does not adhere to gray, and that is why she is now always blonde… is such a shame about the red color thing, cause it fades….my moniker should be “usta be red”…..

  • KittyThePooka

    Heh, after her performance in The Hours, Nicole Kidman can do no wrong in my eyes. Still, the oversurgification makes me a bit sad.

  • mlm

    Does her head look HUGE in that first picture, or is it just me? Seriously, it looks like her head was photoshopped onto a 12 year old girl’s body.

  • Lioness

    I now hate that I was ever compared to her (looks-wise). That Parade cover is atrotious. Her lipular area just looks too awful. Everyone’s trying to have lips like Jolie, and it’s not working.

  • elizabeth.

    I’ve said this for years, she was soooo so so sooo beautiful once upon a time, it’s really a shame.

  • Jordon

    I have a friend from Australia who is an actress and she told me that Nicole kidman actually had a proceedure done to remove her freckles by removing the top layer of skin from her face, hence the translucent look and odd expression. Look at her in the movie Dead Calm in her twenties and look at her now.