I think Nicky Hilton has eaten a couple of sandwiches! 

Question.  WHY do women wear these kinds of bikini tops? These flatter NO ONE, no matter what your boobular area looks like.  If you have boobs, they just get mashed into oblivion, and if you don’t have boobs, this kind of top accentuates your lack of boobage.

I don’t get it.

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  • http://[email protected] Buckeye Bob

    I agree she should not be wearing that top. C’mon Nicky, drop the top and set them little fellers free.

  • Diana

    Holy crap, that top just looks painful.

  • Lioness

    Notice she’s got more above the top than what’s mashed into it? Or maybe that’s just the top… Anyway, glad she’s eaten a Big Mac. Maybe with fries and a regular Coca-Cola too. Too much to hope for a McFlurry.

  • wordwych

    I hate those tops! Is there anybody who thinks that the boob-loaf they create is attractive? Those things should be banned. It’s good to see that Nicky has eaten something, but her legs still look very odd to me.

  • ER

    My grandma from South Carolina used to describe this look as ‘toothpicks stuck in a maypop’. Although Nicky is slender, if she did get heavy, her legs and arms would still be sticks and just her midsection would get big.

  • mlm

    That doesn’t even LOOK like her! (Maybe because she’s blond, now?)

  • megan yore

    i thought at first it was the trainwreck that is Tara Reid, being as everytime you see a new pic of her body, its morphed into a completely different shape than before.