Speaking Of People Who Are Waaaay Too Skinny…

…I give you Chloe Lattanzi, whose mom is the completely gorgeous Olivia Newton-John.  I’m too lazy to look up who her dad is, but I’m guessing she got her looks from him.

You know what I don’t get?  I don’t get women who are rail thin who get fake boobs.  Women who are fit and of a normal weight?  Ok.  I get that.  But Chloe Lattanzi’s boobs are like, 17 feet away from each other and sitting on top of protruding bone.  Eeew.

Remember when I posted her singing?  You guys should listen to it, if you’re new here.  It’s joyously painful.  Click here for the terrible awesomeness!

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  • ER

    She’s suffered from anorexia for quite some time, thus the extreme thinness. I can’t explain the boobs though!

  • Christine

    If you wouldn’t have told me who her mom is, I wouldn’t have known. However, looking at her I can see her mom in her face. She really does resemble her mom when her mom was younger, like on the cover of “have you ever been mellow.”

    Of course, this is before Olivia had any plastic surgery and of course Chloe is rail thin, but yes, she does look like her mom.

  • http://[email protected] Buckeye Bob

    Mock, your description of her boobs sounds like your describing 2 lapdancers on opposite sides of the room.
    BTW Olivia honestly loved me.

  • april f.

    Chloe’s dad is some dude who lives in a tent and plays the didgeridoo… i kid you not! When she was on that awful Rock the Cradle, they showed her with her dad in his tent (I only saw clips of the show because I could not sit through an entire episode) I watched just for wacky Chloe.

  • wordwych

    That poor girl got utterly screwed in the looks department. She looks like a Claymation creation or something, and you could definitely fit a third boob between the two that are there.

    April, I saw a clip of the dad-in-the-tent-with-the-didge thing on The Soup, and I still don’t know if that was rigged for the show (can almost hear some producer going “We need to weird this up! It’ll be great! Put him in a tent!”) or the guy actually lives in a tent on ONJ’s property.

  • mlm

    Why are her hands so red that they’re almost purple? What is up with that? And WHY are her boobs so far apart? Yes, Bob, they are on opposite sides of the room! She looks NOTHING like her mother. I think I saw Grease 423 times, and she looks nothing like ONJ.

  • megan yore

    AAAHAHA Buckeye Bob! my life is blessed because of people like you!
    too hilarious. her ta ta’s are WAYY too far apart.