Katie Holmes’ Halloween Costume

I’m going to assume that this is a Halloween outfit of some sort, because if it isn’t, I think it’s time for us to all be genuinely somewhat concerned over Katie Holmes’ health.  She looks like DEATH.  I mean, if that’s the look she’s GOING for, and is just throwing the bright orange purse in the mix as a Halloween topper, then job well done, Katie.  Your death look is extremely believable.

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  • Lyonella

    I saw this picture and thought “Old Hag”…dried up grey hair, saggy no-makeup look, shapeless cardigan, poor posture…the stress of living with the TomKat must be getting to her…poor dear.

  • Jordon

    Poor girl

  • wordwych

    I don’t even like her, and I still feel a little sad for her.