Have You Ever Been Forced To Wear A Horrid Bridesmaid Dress?

Was it worse than this?  Because this is pure terror perskankified.

But even as skankalicious as these are, their whoridness PALES in comparison to the bride’s “gown.”  Check it out, after the jump.

I give them 6 weeks.

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  • burgher

    Oh. My. Goodness.
    Please tell me this is some picture from the 80s. Or at least some twisted 80s-themed wedding. Just don’t tell me they ACTUALLY thought this looked GOOD.

  • Pris

    Can’t stop laughing

  • Zachary

    God, so many times. 😛

  • ER


  • http://[email protected] Buckeye Bob

    She wurnt that purdy when I seen her rastlin pappys hogs.

  • Christine

    Take a look at the woman on the very left hand side of the photo. Kinda looks like a mermaid.

  • Babs

    I saw somewhere that that particular bride is SIXTEEN years old. The groom is seventeen and apparently they all live in a caravan somewhere. I don’t even know what that means. Her bridal gown supposedly cost $16,000.

    Jaysus mary and joseph!

  • april f.

    Her gown cost $32,00 (it was 16,00 pounds). Her dad is a pavement layer who knocked up her mom @ 16 (I am assuming) because they were married when they were teenagers. The parents spent over $200,000 on the wedding and bought Skankarella and her hubby a cottage or something.

    This couple was all over the gossip blogs I frequent– I am sorry for knowing this much.

  • Baby Luv

    Feel free to hate me, but if they work in some Vegas show or circus somewhere then I actually have to fess up to luv-ing this! Kinda like the wedding version of Victoria Beckham for me, I suppose. Just completely over-the-top tacky (in a fun sort of way)!!

    Now, if she works as a receptionist at an insurance company and her bridesmaids are an assortment of dental assistants, teachers, nurses & pharmaceutical sales reps….then I am at a complete loss.

    And either way, I hope the one in the silver mermaid dress is not the mother-of-the-bride. *shudder*

  • Baby Luv

    April F, so….he is not some Vegas magician & she is not the girl he saws in half?!?! I would’ve bet the farm they were something like that.

    I tried to find a link to the wedding, but when I typed in “hideous british wedding” on google image, this is the first picture that popped up:


    Just proves there is SOMEONE for everyone, huh??

  • Lioness

    Whut the bloody ‘ell?

  • april f.

    Baby Luv… that picture is HEINOUS!!!!!!

    Here are the official wedding pics


  • http://www.meatlovingvegan.wordpress.com elizabeth.


  • wordwych


    The blue things look like cotton candy – the yucky kind, not the good kind. I have worn some tacky bridesmaid dresses, but nothing as bad as that. When my best friend from high school chose her bridesmaids dresses, I took one look at ’em and said, ‘Um, yeah, I am not wearing THAT,’ and I opted to serve punch instead of be a bridesmaid.

    As for the bride and groom, I wouldn’t be surprised to find that they asked for gift certificates for STD treatments. The skank factor is truly staggering!!

  • http://themockdock.com Punky

    Could the bride look any more orange? Did anyone see how bored she looked at the church? I dare say she wore more make-up than any of the Gabor sisters!

  • Anonymous99

    I went to the link that April F posted, and each picture is more horrifying than the last. The pictures of the children at the wedding are more than a little scary!

    Whoever designed and made that dress should have his/her sewing machine taken away!

  • Mona

    Did anyone notice that one of the bridesmaids is around 8 YEARS OLD? It must be the bride’s daughter… What a great way to start your kids out right…

  • mlm

    Also, it looks like all of the bridesmaids wore their hair in that ever-so-modern style of a SIDE PONYTAIL! Is this really from 2008?!?! I guess I’ll have to look at the link, now.

  • mlm

    Wow. The bride is 16 and has boobs like that? I guess Daddy paid for a little more than a “lavish” wedding and gown, huh? I get so depressed sometimes when I see what kind of people inhabit this world…I guess it takes all kinds, though!

  • megan yore

    the rest of the pictures are utterly outrageous.
    the worst thing about it is that there are CHILDREN like, nine year olds all hussied up like two bit whores. UGH that makes me sick.

  • fieldstone133

    Ok, I hail from the lovely state of Kentucky…and even WE don’t put on a freakshow like this. Highly flammable all the way around. Love the matching belly button crystal thingy.

  • Lioness

    OK, after viewing april f.’s post, I have verified what I thought from the beginning. These people are part of a group that we identify here in the southwestern part of South Carolina as “gypsies.” It’s not meant as a racial slur, but could be taken as such. Let’s just say, in this neck of the woods, you’d be lucky to receive payment for any of the things in that wedding, but you wouldn’t dare deny them service, or you’d get slapped with a big fat racial/slander lawsuit. BTW, Dad and new hubby look just slap THRILLED.

  • ray

    I would love it

  • JanetEl

    I would actually love it if the blue dresses started lighting up like Christmas lights!