A MockDock Mission

You guys – an alert and astute mockdocker sent me a very very very very very disturbing photo of someone that is the most opposite of landbeast that you can imagine.  I’m putting it after the jump, because you deserve fair warning before looking at it.

But here is your assignment.  Find out if this is real and report back to me.  I know nothing of photoshop as you know, so can’t tell when I’m being fooled by photo magic.  But I’m WILLING this to be photoshopped, because if it’s not, I don’t know how I will ever recover from knowing that such a person is walking around and seemingly EXERCISING.

Again, remember – you cannot un-see this.

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  • Lost Sailor

    Its real…I saw her on Dateline or one of those shows.

  • Baby Luv

    I hate to sound insensitive, but did she go to the same Dr as the missing-back sweater girl?? Her boobs must weigh more than the rest of her combined!

  • Sethro

    How does she have breasts but no fat anywhere else on her body? I guess I’m confused about that..

  • green eyed girl

    I think it is fake — gosh I hope it is fake.


  • megan yore

    damn even her shoes look like they are about to slip right off those toothpick ankles
    pretty sure her boobs are totally fake. they HAVE to be, otherwise im pretty sure they wouldnt exist. her body would have eaten them by now.

  • Pris

    I think her knees are freakier than her fake boobs…

  • http://www.myspace.com/awwpoop Cynicat

    those arent breasts, thats where she stores her extra wieghts.

  • KittyThePooka

    What has been seen cannot be unseen.

  • http://[email protected] Buckeye Bob

    green eyed girl , I have been trying to find out if it is photoshopped and can’t find anywhere yet that has disproved it. The other photo that is shown on the link you gave was also on Snopes.com which is really good at debunking and revealing hoax’s but they said they could not tell. (one of the few I’ve seen they couldn’t verify)

  • scheckel1954

    my eyes are bleeding!

  • http://www.myspace.com/dorkymcspazatron Olivia J. Snarkypants

    I’ve seen this before, years ago, and I can’t remember if it’s real but I think it is. I like her frilly socks. Really puts the whole outfit together. And what do you suppose is in that fanny pack?

  • Zachary


  • jenn

    she’s a walking corpse!

  • Christine

    I don’t know about photoshop, but I am a massage therapist and have had my hands on many bodies of all shapes and sizes. Thin as she is, everything seems to be where it should. Bones, muscles, tendons, and you can even see arteries. Icky Icky Icky. If she was any thinner she would be see through.

  • Hatchetwoman

    I think it is real — right before I decided to hit the jump, I told myself, “Remember that woman from Palm Springs.”

    Mock, seriously, I think that’s her — the woman I saw in Palm Springs about a year ago.

    She wore the same style — the midriff-baring top, a hat, and she was out power-walking. I was driving and I started shrieking, “Oh man! LOOK at that poor anorexic woman! How can she even MOVE?!” My husband said, “Maybe she’s recoving from cancer or something.” That was the first time in my life that I almost drove around the block so I could take another look. I also wanted to help her — I had no idea how — it’s just that she conjured up all those images of drought and famine victims and concentration camp prisoners. I felt the same way, looking at her, that I feel when I see those images — a feeling of helplessness and wanting to do something.

  • Lioness

    Oh, sweetheart! I feel so AWFUL for her, I can’t even imagine mocking her for her condition, whatever it is! It’s so painful to look at her…

  • http://www.meateatingvegan.wordpress.com elizabeth.

    This is really sad if it’s real.

  • Tammy

    Oh. My. Goodness. I can’t even imagine what goes through her mind when she looks in a mirror, because you KNOW she isn’t seeing what we’re seeing. This is just sooooooooo sad.