Shameless Plug

So you remember how I traveled to DC last week on account of important business?  Well, part of the reason I went was to meet and train a new person at my company’s sister company.  I had “met” this person over the phone, but not in person, and I was excited to meet her face to face because based on our phone conversation, I had already decided that she was way cool and that we would be insta-friends.

In short, I was right.  She IS way cool.  And not only is SHE cool, but her little brother is cool.  How do I know this?  Because it turns out her brother is Jon McLaughlin, a rising musical star, whose picture is above.  If you haven’t heard of Jon McLaughin yet, you probably soon will, because he’s becoming all sorts of famous and is coming out with his 2nd CD.  And he’s cool because he’s a good ole Indiana boy.

You realize of course, that my association with a rising musician’s sister makes me INFINITELY cool.  Between this and the new car I’m getting a week from today, my coolness is like, totally off the charts. 

Anyway, I shamelessly plugged mentioned this blog to her, and she was worried at first that he would become a target for snark, so I promised her that I would not only NOT snark on him, but I would also shamelessly plug him on the site, so that all 45 of our readers could become his insta-fans.  I think you’ll like him, you guys.  Plus, he’s nice to look at.  If we pay him enough compliments, he might someday return the favor and plug this site, which will make ALL OF US infinitely cool.  Me and the other mockers for running it, but more importantly, YOU FOR COMMENTING ON IT. 

So check out his website at this link.  Your coolness will increase automatically.  I promise!

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  • ER

    Wow Mock, thanks! Great music! I loved the flashback with the November Rain video. I remember seeing than when it first came out and absolutely loving that woman’s wedding dress.

    He’s going to become a hit since he IS nice to look at and his music is catchy. I liked “Beating My Heart” instantly, and let’s face it, how many songs do you love the first time you hear them?!

  • Sunshyndrmr

    I didn’t know who he was but after seeing this I realize I have heard his music. I like it, I even knew some of the words. 🙂

  • Leroy

    Dude, he’s HOT!!!! I like him without even clicking on the link yet!!!

  • Cynicat

    He’s hideous, i cant believe you guys think he is at all attractive!!!
    If my boyfriend wasnt sitting right there, I’d sure give you guys a peice of my mind! haha