The Womanizer Video

You know you want to watch it.

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  • rosie too

    I smell Halloween costume! You just have to fight over who gets to be office Britney and who gets to be suited backup dancers. Personally, I vote Holmes into the Britney role, what with his excellent calves and all.

    I was having trouble interpreting the complicated lyrics. Does she think he’s a womanizer?

  • rosie too

    Excuse, me…I meant to say excellent calfular area.

  • Rachel

    How can you like this song? Its only redeeming quality is that it excellently highlights exactly how talented she is NOT.

  • Olivia J. Snarkypants

    I can see the appeal of Britney, with her fun, catchy songs. I even like some. But it’s always the same with me, the song has to be out for a long time and practically drilled into my head before I like it. It’ll probably be no different with this one.

    She looks pretty good with that dark red wig though. The gratuitous naked scnene in the sauna I didn’t see a point for. We can see you have your body back in all the other outfits. I do hope she ends back on top again, and doesn’t mess it up.

  • Christine

    I saw this video last night on 20/20. Apparently, they premiered it. I don’t remember seeing that much flesh in it on 20/20 though.

  • megan yore

    i think the song is horrible. the video is pretty horrible too except that she actually looks good. and thus the only point of having her be nakey in the shower.
    much better than the god awfule gimme more. i’d say this is a step up. a britney step up so a baby, mini step up, but a step up none the less.

  • Zachary

    I do like her in that wig, Olivia. Maybe a brighter red would suit her a little better, like a Hayley Williams, perhaps?

  • Daisy

    Is that Ashlee Simpson pre-nosejob?

  • Bunny

    The “womanizer” in this video looked terrified at the prospect of being touched by her. It was as if she completely revolted him. As if he was thinking, “EEEWWWW!!! Britney Spears has cooties!” And, you know he is probably right. She’s lookin’ good though – gotta give her that.

  • Leroy

    How long before she cracks out again? Unfortunately I like the song. I give it a 89. Its got a good beat and you can dance to it đŸ™‚ By the way, the guy is indeed hot!