Britney Spears Is Way Less Interesting Now

So Britney’s coming out with a documentary airing on MTV soon and here’s a highlight from it. She basically sounds like she’s on the right side of normal now, saying things like, “What the hell was I thinking” about her whole crazytime, and talking about just having to cope with how wack her life is, blah blah blah. All of that basically translates into Britney being totally boring now.

Note how nice she looks in the video. Since she’s not insane anymore, all there is left to mock is how remarkably different she looks without the help of a stylist – the photo below is just a day or two old:

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  • Seth

    that bottom picture is going to haunt my dreams now..thanks a lot.. oh well, good thing it is close to Halloween.

  • http://[email protected] Buckeye Bob

    Typicaly I don’t like a lot of makeup on women but in her case its a necessity. If my dog looked like that, I’d shave it’s ass and make him walk backwards.

  • KittyThePooka

    You know, if Britney really has overcome her depression and drug problems, and really is a smart and creative person, she could totally pour all that awfulness she lived through into some excellent music. It won’t be empty pop crap pre-written for her with faked enthusiasm anymore. It’ll be real, emotionally charged art. Think it’ll happen?

  • okay…

    No Kitty, it won’t happen. Britney is a performer, not an artist. She lip syncs her songs (songs that have had her vocals so washed that it sounds like it is machine generated) and she dances. I don’t hate Britney, but she is what she is.

  • wordwych

    Gotta agree with you, Okay…

    I watched the Womanizer video (morbid curiosity got the best of me), and was totally distracted by the obvious mechanical manipulation of her voice. Brit has been packaged and marketed as a singer, but I’ve never actually heard her sing. I’ve heard her songs, but not her voice. Everything is always too processed to hear her. Her fellow pop tart Christina Agulierwhatever (I totally cannot spell her name!) is a singer, with actual vocal talent and power. Brit may actually have some singing talent in there somewhere, but based on how mechanized and manipulated her songs are, I’m guessing it’s just not enough to carry a song. I don’t anticipate that Brit’s going to produce any real, emotionally charged art. I just don’t think she has the talent.

  • okay…