So apparently, Kevin Costner is going to release a country music album. I’m not making this up. And yes, I mean THAT Kevin Costner. The guy who acts like the exact same person in every movie he’s ever made ever.

Kevin is the lead singer of a group called Modern West, and their album comes out on November 11th. I’m serious!

Below, a clip of his “singing.” I certainly don’t expect you to actually listen to it, but thought I’d post it as evidence.

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  • elkcip

    Oh my. All that vocalization has him twitterpated and unable to keep an actual guitar strum rhythm going. At least, to his credit, his lack of actual guitar playing keeps the overall noise level down a teensy bit.

  • sln

    I’m just glad to know I am not the only one who thinks he acts the same way in every single movie he’s been in….

  • Buckeye Bob

    Was that Jimmy Page?

  • Hatchetwoman

    LOL Buckeye Bob!

  • Zee

    I kinda like the movie Swing Vote… Not for his acting, but for the story that seems original to me, and Madeline Carroll is such a wonderful kid

  • fieldstone133

    Fall Tour sponsored by Rogaine…he’s gone really wispy up top!

  • scheckel1954

    wow, this is just too sad to comment on.
    kevin, give it up!

  • Paul

    Okay, now I’m in love with you. Not for posting the cow suit story, but because you agree that Kevin Costner is the same person in every movie he’s ever made. His range as an actor is…let’s see…zero?