You Know What I Hate?

I hate it that cops and firemen and even your run-of-the-mill security people are allowed to be overweight.  As you may recall, Bunny and Dame are both married to firefighters.  Both of them are in terrific shape.  Both of them had to endure a challenging physical test as just a part of the application process to become firefighters.  And, the academy training once they were hired?  Enormously physically challenging.

But you know what happens once training is over?  Firefighters are allowed to get just as fat and unhealthy as they want, and there is NO CONSEQUENCE.  I think this is crap.

Dame and I were driving to her house one time, and we passed a car which had just been pulled over on the highway, and there was this enormous landbeast of a female cop approaching it.  And you know how generally when you see a cop, whether they’re in or out of a car, you kind of slow down (especially if you’re speeding), in case they feel like wrapping up whatever they’re doing to come after you instead?  Yeah.  I didn’t – because there was no way in the world this landbeast would have had a PRAYER of getting to her car in time to hone in on me with her radar, because she moved like a turtle and looked a lot like the chick in the photo above (minus the turkey leg).

Cops and firefighters should have to pass the SAME TEST to KEEP their jobs each year, as they do to GET their jobs in the first place. 

And so concludes my Sunday morning rant.

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  • Olivia J. Snarkypants

    In the military, the Air Force has the reputation of being fat and lazy to the other services. Oh, the public still thinks we’re ALL fit as a fiddle. But when I first joined I couldn’t believe how many big fat fatties were in my building. We’ve change the physical training program and the physical standards as well and there is now backlash for being a fatty boombaladdy. If you measure over 40 inches in your waist you automatically get enrolled in the Landbeast Reduction Program and will be scoffed by all us that saw it coming. There are plenty of fat people in the Army too but as long as they can pass their PT test it’s cool I guess. At least in the Air Force we have it in writing that you must present a professional military image and if someone thinks you got a little too much insulation, you can get called out on it. I’ve seen it happen to a guy that wore his uniform like it was made of spandex.

    When it is a JOB REQUIREMENT to be fit, not skinny, but fit, there is no excuse to not be just that. Ok, besides legitimate injury and childbirth, but those aren’t excuses, they’re reasons. People give me a hard time about being so small (5’2″ and 115 lbs) but my paycheck depends on it and I don’t look unhealthy. Unhealthy is that woman with the turkey leg.

    Sorry about the rant, it’s something of a personal pet peeve of mine as well.

  • Buckeye Bob

    That’s a disgrace. And everybody knows why she and others like her have that job. It has nothing to do with qualifications.
    Do you feel safer with her protecting you?

  • mikey

    It’s a legitimate gripe because taxpayer dollars pay the salaries of these hippos who cannot perform critical aspects of their jobs. If some creep snatched a kid at whatever event this woman is at (doing her turkey leg Henry the 8th imitation), do you think she could run him down? And she’d have way too much grease on her hands to get her gun out of the holster.

  • jenn

    If she tried to chase after a perp, I could see her getting winded or get an injury from running (like a hamstring pull) and get out of work on disability.

  • Seth

    Hey, c’mon now everybody..she needs her protein if she is going to chase down an evil doer at this particular event..

    But I will agree 100% that if you want to be a part of a profession you should at least show us an image that makes sense. It’s like an overweight doctor telling you to lose weight for your health. Humor us, at least look the part. Other than the badge, I don’t feel any safer having someone like that “protect” me. They should be required to maintain some sort of physical standard, but I guess for now that isn’t the case. Maybe in the future we can get something changed.

  • Captain Ana Banana

    It’s amazing that they even make uniforms in that size. But I suppose whoever made them intended them for muscle, not turkey legs.

  • Olivia J. Snarkypants

    My solution to the weight problem in the military is to stop making uniforms that big. Or make the really overweight folk wear maternity gear, even the men. My solution never caught on…

  • ER

    I saw quite the rotund police offer just this morning and thought, ‘that man could never chase somebody down’. Sometimes on the show ‘Cops’ you’ll get a glimpse of an overweight officer huffing and puffing as he chases somebody. It’s comical yet sad!

  • Sunshyndrmr

    and as a firefighter, just think if they have to go in a building and carry someone out. you want someone coming in to save you that you know could actually save you and not just endanger both of you. just like the overweight doctor giving weight/health advice, it’s like going to a dentist or orthodontist with crappy teeth. you should look the part of the profession you’re in.

  • yellowdog

    Buckeye Bob- please clue me in on how “she and others like her” have that job?

  • Sarah

    Yeah Buckeye, I was just wondering the same thing myself. Looks like you took that a little too far.

  • Buckeye Bob

    She has it because the government has went to far and mandates that requirements for public service positions have to be changed in order to allow a certain percentage of minorities and a certain percentage of women in these departments. Although requirements set for physical ability as well as professional knowledge are equal for anyone taking the tests, if the individuals passing do not contain a high enough percentage of minorities and women, the tests have to be adjusted. I don’t have any problem with cops of any gender or race but when they are out of shape like this and still get the job because the department has a number to meet that irritates me. And agree with it or not a black woman or hispanic, or asian adds two to the departments numbers. One for minority and one for a woman. The Justice Department currently is suing the city of Dayton for the same thing even though every applicant takes the same tests. So it’s not fair to the people that don’t get the positions even though they are in shape and qualified.

  • astoopidmonkey

    I hate it when I see an overweight soldier. Even more so if they are Army. The reason being is that I know what the regs are for the Military, and I know what I did while in.
    I hate it, when some people know how to get around the system, or know someone that will just let it slide.

  • Sarah

    Oh yeah Buckeye Bob, it must be so hard being a caucasian male in this country. Just for the record, affirmative action was implemented because it was necessary. There were many places of employment that would NOT hire, based on race or gender alone, and it had to be forced on to those places of employment for being so racist. Take it from someone that works at a rather large chain corporation store, they do NOT pick unqualified people. Actually, I have seen several black applicants that I know are quite qualified and they still don’t pick them. Please don’t act like you are the victim in life. Also, not sure if you were aware, but there are fat WHITE officers, security guards, and people in the military. Just because she is a large black woman, you think the only reason she got the job is because she is black and a woman? What about the fat white cops? Why did they get a job? Man its too bad that one picture can set off the ignorance trigger in people. Better watch what you post Mock.

  • Buckeye Bob

    Sarh, get off your high horse. You can’t handle the truth. The truth is police and fire departments are being forced to hire un-qualified individuals to protect the citizens, when qualified people are available. That, I believe is discrimination. And you don’t seem to be aware of the laws in place to prevent people from excluding minorities. This is not the”old days” anymore. Affirmative action is not needed and especially when it puts lives in jeapordy. What is wrong with having a level playing field across the board. Everybody is equal so why not treat them that way. Should minorities or women have to pass easier tests to get the same positions? Is that what your saying? I feel everyone should be treated the same, as Americans, regardles of who you are. But requirements for a job position should not be altered just to meet numbers.
    Here is a recent story. Check it out. And as far as your comment about White people being fat, I agree with you but they were not fat going in, they got that way later and should be fired but once the’re in they seem to be protected.

  • Sarah

    Well Bob, I am a woman in case you weren’t aware. I have never had to take an “easier” test to get into a job. Neither have any of my female friends. Also, I have African American friends that have also not taken anything easier to get in to a job. So where are you speaking of? How in the hell do you know those white people were fit when they got in? What kind of statement is that? I know you don’t get it, because you’ve never lived it, but institutional racism is still a big problem. I am not going to try to convince you of that though. I just need to be aware that there are still many narrow minded people in the world.

  • Buckeye Bob

    You claim racism is a big problem so tell me what is wrong with treating everybody the same? You did not answer that. And I am also not talking about where you work, I don’t care. I was talking about this post. A cop. The jobs I am speaking of are about cops. Not retail workers. I agree racism is still a problem but our own government is not helping the situation by forcing agencies to hire certain numbers of people based on race or gender instead of qualifications. And if you want to say that is not happening, you have your head in the sand. And you say you have never seen it, so I guess your 1 out of 300,000,000 that has not seen it so it does not happen. I’m guessing I have been around a lot longer and I have seen it repeatedly, especially on governmental jobs. Anyway I’m done with this, it’s not why Mock has this site.

  • Crabby

    MAN! My hubby is recently retired Air Force after 22, almost 23 years, and he is complaining about the little belly he has and is worried about doing the physical part on a police test? I’m sending him this pic. Thanks Mock!

  • Mockarena

    I don’t disagree that there is still racism, BUT if Obama wins this election, which he probably will, they should abolish affirmative action the very next day.

  • Lost Sailor

    When was the last time you saw a Native American walking around? African Americans don’t have it that bad.

  • Buckeye Bob
  • ER

    Have you seen the comic strip that’s out showing Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson praying to God that He will end racial hatred and strife? And *poof* Jesse and Al disappear! 🙂

  • mikey

    I knew when I read Bob’s post that someone would pick a fight with him. A problem that is as bad or worse than affirmitve action hiring is “affirmative action firing”…..government employers generally cannot fire minority employees unless they come to work and do a “AK spray down” on their co-workers. If you terminate a minority government employee you risk being sued for discrimination and attacked by the ACLU, NAACP, and AL and Jesse if they get wind of it. These employees know that they are nearly immune from firing, and they act accordingly. I used to work for a member of Congress who was Chairman of the Budget Committe in the House, as as such, had significant control over the funding of Federal agencies. You would think that when I would call and ask for assistance from a staff person at one of those agencies, I’d get some modicom of helpfulness…..not usually. Usually, I’d get an affirmative action hire who would give me a big dose of attitude because she/she knew that even a sr. Capital Hill aide couldn’t get him/her fired if I made it my life’s vocation.

    Exeryone should be held to the same standard in job performance and hiring and termination. Discrimination and preferential treatment in hiring and discipline are equally egregious.

  • Hatchetwoman

    Buckeye Bob is right — here in L.A., the S.W.A.T. team requirements were declared to be discriminatory — because women couldn’t meet some of them. Mark my words, an organization that has had a great deal of success and only one fatality in decades will have more and more.

    The poster, Sarah, does not appear to realize that there’s a difference between incidental discrimination and willful discrimination. One means that the standards are what they are, but the vast majority of a given group will not be able to meet them — like the strength requirement for firefighters. That’s incidental discrimination — it’s not meant to be discriminatory, but it has that effect.

    The other type, willful, is the type Sarah is talking about. That’s when someone is treated unfairly (not differently — unfairly) because he/she is a member of a given group. So, someone who is treated unfairly BECAUSE she is a woman is a victim of willful discrimination.

  • yellowdog
  • Sarah

    Hah yellowdog, thats pretty great. I looked that up myself, and saw that the vast majority of fat cop pictures were of WHITE MEN. You have to really look to find the ONE fat black woman.

  • Mockarena

    Actually Sarah – since that was emailed directly to me, no, I didn’t have to really look. I find it interesting how you chose not to reply to all the other reasonable responses in this whole thread.

    Sarah and yellowdog – do you disagree with the original point of the post? Are you ok with the woman whose picture I posted being the one that rescues you from trouble? I am a woman, and I would much prefer a fit MAN hauling me out of burning building than I would ANY woman, unless she could pass the EXACT SAME physical test as the man. And frankly, let’s face it, women are not as physically strong as men. There are exceptions, but we’re talking as a whole here. If you think that’s sexist, you’re just being unrealistic.

    The point which both of you are failing to grasp is that different standards for different people are WRONG. I don’t care if you’re black, white, female, male, pink, or striped, if you aren’t able to perform the necessary functions of a job, I don’t want ANYONE making concessions for you just so you get it.

    Affirmative action had its place in history, but it has definitely outlived its usefulness.

  • Sarah

    Hey Mockarena. Ok, I’ll respond. First, yes I agree. I think they should be held to the same physical standards as which they were hired, and should NOT be hired unless they are physically able. It is unfair of Buckeye to say the white people were not fat when they got hired though, there is no way of knowing that. To be perfectly honest with you, I don’t know absolutely enough about affirmative action to say too much. I do know that I work at a neighborhood center that has primarily black residents that in their upbringing were not afforded a good education. I also see them now trying hard to get jobs, and having quite the struggle in the process. Also, I have many friends that are of different races, and haven’t had one get in because of that alone, only on qualifications. Or being rejected because lack of qualification. I guess in my world, I don’t see it as being that much of an issue, and I see many people still struggling. That is just what I am surrounded by, so that is what I know. That is why it is a little hard for me to hear people talk about affirmative action like every black person is just being handed jobs, trust me, its not the case. I work for a corporation that I see systematically NOT hire people because they are black. I look at the applications, I compare, and I have seen black people that are MORE qualified. There is just no way to overgeneralize one way or another. There may be places of employment to take this too far, and hire unqualified people based on the fact that they need minorities. Also though, as I have personally seen, there still are places of employment that are racist, and will not hire because of that. Trust me, I work for a well known organization, and have HEARD my managers make comments. Also, I do know that affirmative action is not ONLY in reference to African Americans, its is to protect anyone from job discrimination based on gender, disability, ethnicity, religion, and so on. Do I think its OK to hire someone solely because of their race although they are grossly unqualified? No, that is irresponsible. Do I think its OK to reach out to a certain race or group that may not have had the same opportunities to get that experience? Yes, I do. And when I talk about reaching out, I mean primarily to those that have been poverty stricken, which is almost always those with a lack of education, experience, and ability to get out of the cycle of poverty. Take it from someone who grew up fairly poor, its definitely not an easy thing to get out of. In my younger life, I wasn’t shown opportunities or given examples of people near me that really “made” it. When that is engrained in a childs mind, it is very hard for them to realize their actual potential as they got older. Once I got a couple years out of high school, I lucked out and befriended an older adult that is essentially walked me through the steps to get into school, and make something of myself. Not everyone is afforded that gift.

  • Anonymous

    And, aside from that, is she a cop or a security guard? Cause honestly, I don’t really ever feel safe when its just a security guard around. No offense to them…

  • Jordon

    Wait I am totally confused here, was the introduction of this pix intended to hightlight the race and gender of the subject or the fact shen is a landbeast who happens to be in the wrong profession?…interjecting race and gender into the mock is completely STUPID..and it undermines the fun of the site! My mocking contempt should be directed at the indivual, not her race or her gender, believe me because they are enough fat-McD-chichen McNugget-eating-slobs to go around in every group in this country-no group is immune!

  • Sarah

    GOOD point Jordon! No, I do not think that was her intent when she put up the picture. As you can see Buckeye had to go and take it to that level, knowing nothing about the woman in the picture or how her job came to be. I agree, its a lot more fun to mock on an individual basis, and not have to bring it to the level its been brought to!

  • mikey

    It’s equally stupid to keep belaboring your point after you’ve already (repeatedly and in volume) made it.

  • Mockarena

    Jordon -you’re spot on! THe whole point of the post was to say that the landbeast in the photo has NO BUSINESS being in any sort of position that requires, basically, physical movement and quick reflexes. 🙂

    If I would have been sent a big giant white dude in cop suit, I would have posted the EXACT SAME rant.


  • Buckeye Bob

    Sara, Buckeye did not take anything to any level. You wanted to spew off and talk racisim when you don’t have a clue. That’s the bottom Line. You can’t admit when you’re wrong which doesn’t surprise me. But what is totaly clear is the way you seem to want to attack me when you don’t even know me. You, for some reason can’t see the forrest for the trees and since I was the one to point it out to you, I must be satan. You poor unfortunate little girl. One day you will grow up and it will all be clear. Or maybe not, you seem pretty closed minded.

  • Cynicat

    I COMPLETELY AGREE with you, Mrs. Mock, as usual. I’ve been thinking the same exact thing FOREVER.