You Men Out There – Prepare To Be Jealous

Obviously, there is no possible way you are cooler than this guy.  This guy epitomizes cool, what with his turquoise bracelet and tie-front shirt and necklace.  I defy you to be as cool as he is.

On second look – is that John Lithgow?

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  • Buckeye Bob

    Looks like he’s got a wedgie.
    (Is that an old photo of Mark Gastineau?)

  • Captain Ana Banana

    It looks like he’s wearing a gigantic merkin on his head.

  • ErinnR

    What’s with the ski boots?

  • The Anonymizer 3000

    Prince Adam is obviously his inspiration.

  • Punky

    I think he stole Gene Simmons’ hair! WTF’s with the veins in his calf muscles? Holmes, you’ve got some catching up to do!

  • SnarkyBritches

    It’s Tony Little’s younger brother, Guido!

  • R

    Or Tony Little’s older sister, GuidA.

  • amanda

    The Anonymizer 3000, your Prince Adam comment reminded me of this little gem…

  • The Anonymizer 3000

    He-Man’s hetero-flexibility is purposeful and well-documented. The cartoon’s sole purpose was to sell plastic action figures. It was mostly garbage anyway (watch a few online – the awfulness is astounding). So, if you’re a bored animator tasked with this crap, why not throw in some innuendo with the wholesomeness of Teela’s short shorts and buff muscle jocks?

    C’mon, he’s dressed in PINK and LILAC!

  • angry_broad

    Punky, Gene Simmons wishes he could have hair like that. 🙂

    I bet the guy’s a bottom.