Ya Gotta Love A Guy Who Knits

So apparently Andre 3000 is into knitting!

KIDDING.  This probably isn’t Andre 3000.  But it IS a guy who loves to knit.  I am totally fascinated by the colors he chose for his bodysweater.  I’m also really curious about how he got it on.  I mean, do you think it zips in the back?  Do you think it has a front fly?  What do you think he’s knitting next? It’s totally aggravating that I will most likely never know the answers to these important questions, unless Andre McKnitterpants stumbles upon The Mock Dock.


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  • Anonymous

    If you look carefully, you can tell on his left side that it’s a sweater vest and sweater…pants?. The pants prolly have a drawstring like sweatpants. I doubt if he needs a fly, look at all the little holes in the pattern around his knees-they prolly continue up. Which means if he doesn’t wear an undergarment, then when his current project isn’t on his lap, you’d see his groinular area. *shudders*

  • jo mama

    he’s actually crocheting, which actually makes it a bit odder since i know plenty of guys who knit, but think crochet is just a bit too wuss

  • Biscuit Tin

    I’m pretty sure that’s crochet. And good for him. I can’t make two crochet stitches in a row that are the same size. I recently started using the knifty knitter loom (available in not-fine stores near you) and it’s wonderful. So easy, a retarded monkey could do it, and so fun, it’s like being handed a picture of Ashley Judd forcing a baby to smoke. Well, maybe not that fun, but it’s pretty fun.

  • Captain Ana Banana

    Maybe he knitted/crocheted the outfit onto himself?

  • Lioness

    Wow! Love how everyone around him is completely oblivious to his hobby. And I have to say, it’s much cheaper than buying clothes these days…

  • Daisy

    You should ask Ashley Judd what he’s knitting next. She seems to have all of the answers to the world’s looming questions…

  • champagne

    Oh my god i Looove this guy!

  • Olivia J. Snarkypants

    Proud to say MY DAD taught me to crochet when I was younger. He made me a big pink afghan when I was a kid. With all kinds of different patterns. My dad also did the cooking and the grocery shopping and coupon clipping and budget. My dad is such a good mom.