Thank You, Wise Sage

In case you happened to be wondering why women count, Ashley Judd has your answer. 


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  • Buckeye Bob

    And Ashley’s a bitch because she’s a bitch. It needs no further explanation or rationalization she’s a bitch because she’s a bitch. Bottom line. We can all hope for change.

  • Jill

    As much as I dislike her, I love that answer.

  • mikey

    Of course it “needs no justification”… comes from the mouth of a self absorbed celebrity. -A stupid question and an equally stupid answer.

  • ErinnR

    She looks like she has had WAY too many cocktails and quite frankly, I am suprised that she sounded coherent.

    Stupid, but coherent.

  • KittyThePooka

    I can honestly say that I hate Ashley Judd just because of her STUPID CONDESCENDING FACE. She has the same HORRIBLE ugly “barely understanding the question but still trying to pretend she’s the smartest person alive” expression on her face in EVERY SINGLE PICTURE/VIDEO I’ve seen of her to date. She could be spouting the most interesting, intelligent commentary ever uttered by a human person (I guarantee you she believes this to be the case) and I still won’t listen to her because she has that condescending SNEER on.


  • Daisy

    It’s a proud day for Gloria Steinem.

  • Punky

    Those chasms in her forehead could use some botox.

  • amanda

    Her face is always shiny and her hair always looks like shit. Bottom line.

  • angry_broad

    She could easily say “We count because we’re human beings,” but that would involve being succinct, and we know how our behated Ashley loves to ramble.

  • That Girl

    Bottom line: Ashley is an idiot and an embarrassment to women.

  • angry_broad

    She needs to turn in her feminist card because she does NOT represent me.

  • angry_broad

    Double post! I just realized that I pulled an Ashley and turned the conversation back in myself just now.

    *slinks away embarrassed*

  • Hatchetwoman

    What a stupid response. I agree with angry_broad: the succint answer “Because we’re human beings” was the correct one.

  • That Girl

    Ashley will nevah, NEVAH! turn in her feminist card because she believes she looks like one. Therefore she thinks she has a right to speak stupid and everyone should relate or be considered stupid. She’s exactly what feminist are all about.

  • rosie too

    No, That Girl, she is NOTHING like what feminists are all about. Feminists are simply people who want women to be given equal rights as men. If we have to have a spokesperson, it’s definitely not gonna be Ashley Judd. Based on the earlier comments, I nominate angry_broad.

  • angry_broad

    Thank you Rosie.

    *revokes Ashley’s feminist card*

  • That Girl

    rosie too, who is the spokesperson for this movement that has been going on for-like-EVER? I happen to wear makeup. I like my bra. I don’t like women to speak for me, regardless if they think they’re helping me. I’m a pretty awesome woman that most women don’t like because of their so-called feminist values. All the feminist I’ve met haven’t been the nicest women. Ashley Judd fits the mold perfectly. 🙂

  • rosie too

    Guess what, That Girl. This feminist is a makeup wearing, man loving, leg shaving, proud stay at home mom. And Mr. Rosie can attest that I also own (and wear) many cute bras. Making an assumption about me because I call myself a feminist is as absurd as thinking you know all about someone because they call themselves an American. We’re not a homogeneous group with one mind. Feminists are just people who think that women should be afforded the same rights and respect as men. And should be allowed to make choices for themselves regarding their careers, appearance, and families rather than being assigned roles by others. I wouldn’t speak for you because a woman telling another what to do with her life is as offensive as a man doing so. I’m sorry that most other women don’t like you because friendships between women can be some of the most powerful (and just plain fun) relationships around. Like me, most of the feminists I know have lots of women (and men) friends. Any yes, many of them hold different beliefs than I, but whom I respect regardless. Some of whom might even describe me as a nice woman! 🙂