This Should Go Over Well…

It’s so totally awesome when regular ordinary citizens manage to get video/audio/photos of public figures doing or saying unbelievably stupid or offensive stuff. Michael Moore spouting off about his excitement over the timing of Gustav is one thing, because he’s an idiot. But check out the clip above of former National Chairman of the DNC Don Fowler and South Carolina Congressman John Spratt. Happily, this was linked on Drudge, which means it’ll get widespread attention.

Classy. I hope these two are proud of themselves.

Link to the original post by the person who caught the video is here. It also includes some bits of the conversation not captured on this clip.

UPDATE 8/31/08:  Fowler has apologized as follows:  “”If this offended anybody, I personally apologize.  It was a mistake, and it was a satirical statement made in jest. And one that I clearly don’t believe.  One doesn’t anticipate that one’s private conversation will be surreptitiously taped by some right-wing nutcase, but that’s the nature of what we’re dealing with.”

Nice jab at the person who taped you being a moron, Fowler.  Way to deflect away from your own stupidity.


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  • jenn

    Typical politician. I don’t care if he donated a kidney to an elderly lesbian eskimo, anyone who thinks a level 4 or 5 hurricane is a “good thing” is an idiot.

  • Hatchetwoman

    Exactly, jenn. When I heard about Moore’s comment earlier, I thought, “That’s so typical — they don’t care who is hurt as long as their ‘enemy’ is embarrassed, humiliated, or hurt.” Typical fare from the hypocritical, hot windbag.

    Are these people so hell-bent on making a war out of this election that they don’t care who dies, literally? Why would anyone vote for a man who’s so callous?

  • Jill

    While I agree Fowler’s comments are unacceptable, I would imagine that his “God is on our side” comment is a tongue-in-cheek response to Stuart Shepherd from Focus on the Family asking their followers to pray for torrential rains during Obama’s speech. The video was pulled from You Tube, as Focus on the Family filed a copyright claim.

    Some quotes from the video:

    “Abundant rain. Torrential rain. Urban and small stream flood advisory rain.”

    “I’m talking ‘umbrella-ain’t-going-to-help-you rain.'”

    If God decides that “rain of biblical proportions would be a good and proper meteorological condition for that evening, we’ll see it, and we’ll say that it is good.”

    Shepherd says he meant the video to be tongue-in-cheek. While I don’t think this hurricane is a joking matter, I do see the irony. That being said, Fowler’s comments are inappropriate.

    I’m not a Democrat, and I certainly don’t agree with all of their policies. Same holds true for my opinion of the Republican party. However, the more I read about Palin, the more I think McCain made a good choice. I like the idea of people other than the established politicians getting to sink their teeth into either the POTUS or VP positions.

  • Buckeye Bob

    Gee, I don’t understand. If the Democrats care about the people in this country, how can they be happy about a hurricane possibly killing a lot of those people and causing catastrophic damage to their city and state. Maybe they don’t care about them after all.

  • Just Me

    This is just as mean (and stupid) as Sharon Stones “Karma” statement a few months ago about the Chinese eathquake. Where’s the outrage from all the Democrats? Not there? No big surprise. Idiots.