Two things.  First of all, Ashley needs some anti-perspirant.  Secondly, look at how her name is prominently displayed on her button, in addition to but also above Obama’s.  I’m surprised she actually allowed his name on it.  She could have simply had a button made that said, “I’m ASHLEY JUDD and I, ASHLEY JUDD, support  someone for president who is here in the same vicinity as I, ASHLEY JUDD!”


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  • http://kittythepooka.blogspot.com/ KittyThePooka

    Why is she always making this horrible face!?

  • jenn

    Those big ass pearls do nothing for her, either.

  • Pris

    I’m amazed there’s enough room for her ego AND a presidential candidate anywhere.

  • Punky

    She looks like an ugly blow-up doll (possibly used by Duchovny?) in this picture!

  • amanda

    Judging from her face, Dario Franchitti is a very luck man. If you know what I mean. 😀

  • Mockarena

    Yes, amanda! And she likes pearl necklaces too! 😀

    OMG – I went there. I can’t believe I went there.

  • JanetEl

    It’s called I-disease. Yes, pronounced like eye-disease.

    There used to be a brilliant satire in Australia called Frontline and it used to rip off current affair shows. The host, Mike Moore, was as dumb as a box of rocks and really gullible. He wanted to write an autobiography and was trying to figure out the title for his book. Being as narcissistic as he was, he ended up calling it “Mike Moore, by Mike Moore”.

    When I read the above “I’m ASHLEY JUDD and I, ASHLEY JUDD, support someone for president who is here in the same vicinity as I, ASHLEY JUDD!”, that’s what it reminded me of!