Guess Who This Is!!!

You know what’s on TV right now?  One of my most favorite favorite favorite movies of all time – The Sound of Music.  I have probably seen this movie at least 4000 times, and I will never ever tire of it EVER.  When I was a kid, I remember thinking that Liesl was the prettiest girl that ever lived.  And look – she grew up to be a completely hot older woman.  Charmian Carr now has an interior design business, for those of you who are into the whole “Where Are They Now” stuff.

Anyway, I love everything about this movie.  The scenery, the story, the singing – I love every last cheesified second of it.  Plus, Christopher Plummer used to be a total hottie.  But here’s something I have a question about.  What is the name that the horrid Baronness calls him throughout?  I’m sure it’s some sort of term of endearment that I’m just totally ignorant about…but I have never been able to understand it.  It sounds like she’s saying “GayOrg.”  What IS that?  Does anyone know?

You know who’s a total loser?  ROLFE.  What a dillhole.  Liesl could have done so much better than that twerp.

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  • jenn

    I was so excited that it was on, I called my sister and she put my 8 year old nephew on and I basically sang/explained the entire movie to him, at which he said “Uh…do you want to talk to my mom?” when I was done. Sigh. Quality movie. Rolf deserves a beat down.

  • pat

    it’s pronounced “gay-org”, but spelled,
    ‘George’. just like we do in english.
    it’s the german/austrian version, that’s all.
    nothing ‘gay’ about it.
    i agree, plummer was a hottie back then.
    isn’t he dead now? ha!

    yeah, rolf deserved more than a beat down
    what ever happened to him, i wonder?
    anyone, anyone?

  • R

    Uh, Mock, the man’s name was Georg Von Trapp. It wasn’t a nickname the Bitchoness used, but his real name. I believe the writers had her use his first name to drive home to the audience the class distinction as well as to imply an intimacy between them that did not exist between Georg and the loveable, huggable, adorable (although, clearly a “problem” for the nuns) governess.

    My daughter was two and could sing most of the songs on this movie; we didn’t have cable, but we had a DVD player and she loved it as much as I did.

  • soymami

    I’m watching it too…My husband came in, groaned when he saw it on then sat down and turned up the volume. who doesn’t love this movie?

  • astoopidmonkey

    I tried watching that movie a few times, and just could not get through it (and that was as a kid), to this day I have not seen the entire movie.

  • The Anonymizer 3000

    One my goals in life is to NEVER watch this movie. (It’s A Wonderful Life is another.)

    Just to say, “I’m the only person who has never seen than movie.”

  • Biscuit Tin

    Anyone else been to Salzburg? I would have gone on the official Sound Of Music tour, but my boyfriend wouldn’t go. (We were there for some Mozart-related thing. Feh. Mozart.) Anyway, turns out any tour you go on involves elements of the Sound of Music. On our way to Bavaria, I saw the actual I-am-Sixteen-Going-on-Seventeen gazebo, the trees that the kids hang from in their curtain-made play clothes and the waterfront where they fall out of the canoe. The tour guide said everyone involved in tourism in the area watches the movie repeatedly because Americans won’t stop talking about it. Salzburg is beautiful beyond belief. I also loved Innsbruck. Vienna, not so much.

  • Jill

    This is one of my favorite movies ever! My kids also could sing all the songs when they were toddlers. I have many memories of traveling on long trips with them (and they were all under four) while singing nearly every song from the movie.

  • Buckeye Bob

    I’m like astoopidmonkey (never thought I’d say that) I’ve watched bits and pieces a lot but never the entire movie. I did see that Charmian Carr has a web site with a lot of photos from Salzburg from reunions with the cast. The scenery is pretty amazing.

  • Wendy

    For the girl whose boyfriend wouldn’t go on the tour. Dump his ass. He doesn’t love you. Else he would have gone.