Umm…Is That Some Sort Of Lesion?

I know there’s a lot going on in this picture, but what the hell is on her chestular area? Do you see that sort of white lesion-y thing?  I realize the armpit hair is distracting, but see if you can tell what that is.

Also, is this a pregnant belly?  Because Oh. My. God.  if it is.  Look at the belly buttonular area.  Look at how it’s less of a belly button than it is a large crater.   And are those stretch marks?   

And the hair? Whaaaa?  I can’t tell if it’s a mullet or if there are longer strands on top that are just sort of fuzzy. 

Someone please explain this whole photo.

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  • Daisy

    I always wondered what became of Drew Carey after his last show got cancelled…

  • mikey

    Maybe this woman could cure David D. of his sex addiction……

  • Jennifer

    It would make much more sense if we just all agree that this isn’t a woman. The bikini top would be easier to explain than the alternative.

  • Tammy

    I doubt any of us really want to KNOW what the white stuff is. Talk about good self esteem though…wow, that takes some balls I’ll never have.

  • Hatchetwoman

    She’s a source for the hair used in merkins.

  • Buckeye Bob

    Just too freakin repulsive to look at.

  • wordwych

    Could it be a dribble of inebriation-induced vomit? I think you’d have to be pretty drunk to put that body in that bikini and so proudly show off your pit bushes.

  • justforlaughs

    Did anyone notice all the people milling around in the background? What in the world? Hope this wasn’t their entertainment!!

  • Kaede

    I’d say it could be lanugo on her chest, but she looks no where near emaciation >.</

  • Madrone

    I’ve been reading for a while. I love most of your posts and laugh a lot but your frequent mocking of large people is becoming positively boring.

  • Mockarena

    Largeness is the LAST thing this person has to worry about, Madrone.

  • mlm

    That has to be a man. Also, what is the blue, plastic thing where he-she’s right nipple should be? There is no explaining this picture, btw.

  • me

    its a dude you dumb fukc, ular