Jessica Simpson Shares Too Much

At a recent concert, Jessica Simpson informed her audience that she passes gas a lot, and that her farts smell like roses. In fact, she said she GUARANTEES her farts smell like roses.

I think someone should call her on this, and demand immediate proof, or Tony Romo should release a statement to the press about it.  A guarantee is a guarantee. 

You guys, people paid SEVENTY DOLLARS A TICKET to hear this.

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  • Daisy

    She is heinous and talentless, which is why I’ll never admit to buying her shoes or handbags.

  • Captain Ana Banana

    That’s a funny coincidence. Mine smell like fresh gardenias.

  • fishistix

    She is my Ashley Judd. Hate her!!!!!!

  • Captain Ana Banana

    Forgot to ask: what the hell is she wearing? It looks like she wrapped on a picnic blanket and is holding it in place with a wide belt/mini-corset.

  • astoopidmonkey

    Just seeing anything that mentions Jessica Simpson, reminds of of how someone I know is going to be an opening act for her show.
    All I could think was ‘NOOOO. Don’t sell out, just because you have been chasing fame with your band for years.’

  • Buckeye Bob

    Smell like roses? Right. Freshly planted in manure.

  • jenn

    That’s her “Gone Country” album…either that, or “gone blind”.

  • wordwych

    Remember, folks, this is the ditz who didn’t know chicken from tuna, so I’m thinking that her sense of smell may be just a wee bit off. What smells like roses to her might smell like rotting fish heads to the rest of us.