She Was Evil…But I Loved Her.


It’s nearly the one year anniversary of the day I had to put my beloved cat, creatively named Kitty Kitty, to sleep.  I thought it appropriate to write a tribute post in her honor, even though there are maaaaybe two people reading this who will care.  But that’s the beauty of being one of this site’s owners – I get to write about whatever I want and you can’t stop me.  Mnaaa!

Anyway, I adopted Kitty Kitty from the Humane Society in January of 1988 when she was just 4 weeks old.  Four weeks, coincidentally, is about the same amount of time that Kitty Kitty was friendly to people.  It took her no time at all to decide that people were, for the most part, total jerks with whom she was being forced to share the planet, and that the lone exception was me, who she merely tolerated.  Barely.  Even Bunny, who loves animals more than anyone I know – couldn’t get through to her.  Bunny could have covered herself with catnip and held two open cans of tuna out to Kitty Kitty, and still gotten scratched and hissed at, or worse – ignored.  There’s nothing worse than cat contempt.

Like all cats, Kitty Kitty had her quirks.  I once heard her making noise in my hall bathroom, went in to see what all the fuss was about, and couldn’t find her anywere.  I looked in the tub, looked behind the toilet, looked in every possible cat-enticing corner, and…nothing.  It wasn’t until I glanced in the mirror that I noticed the reflection of her TEETERING ON TOP OF THE DOOR. She had jumped from the counter to the top of the door, which is approximately an inch and half wide, for no reason, except to cause me to get up off the couch.  This is how bitchy she could be.

Kitty Kitty started her midnight howling once she hit 19 years of age.  This was the most aggravating, horrible noise you can imagine.  Worse that that cat-puking sound – you know, when they start that gulping noise and you know you’re about to have a tuna-covered hairball deposited on either your bed pillow or the lightest colored carpeting in your house?  Yeah – worse than that.  To this day, I have no idea how it was even physically possible for a sound that loud and that permeating to come out of such a scrawny cat.  Scrawny, that is, except for the flap of belly pooch that would swing back and forth whenever she ran.  (She gets that from me).

Kitty Kitty developed cancer in her mouth and was put to sleep at home, in my arms, just four months before she was going to be the big 2-0.  You guys, I am not ashamed to say I SOBBED.  Like choking, sputtering, guttural sobs.  19 years is a long time to have a cat, especially one that hates everybody.

She was evil…but I loved her.

p.s.  Dame also lost her old cat at about the same time I lost Kitty Kitty.  August of 2007 was not a good month for mockdock cats.  RIP, mockdock cats.  RIP.

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  • jenn

    As a fellow kitty owner, I know how you feel. My kitties are 9 and 4 and I know I’ll be devastated when that time comes. They’re a part of the family…

  • Jennifer

    I don’t mean at all to try and one-up your story, but the month before your experience, I read the saddest cat story ever. It may not have the same effect if you don’t read this blog regularly, but this one totally made me cry. You’ve been warned.

  • KittyThePooka

    Aw. I am so sorry about the loss of your kitty. I lost my dog, Pepper, about two years ago, and I still burst into tears whenever I talk about what an amazing, wonderful, loving animal she was, so I totally sympathize with you mourning her a year after her passing.

    May your sweet evil monster rest in wonderful peace.

  • ER

    Amazing how quickly those little critters endear themselves to us, quirks and all. Sympathies to you, and may Kitty Kitty (cute name) rest in peace!

  • Francisco Dreadful

    Well, it seems like we’re already 5 people who care about this… ta-da, we’re going beyond your expectation.

    Seriously though, it is always nice to read a story about a cat and take a break from drunken celebrities, arm-pit lickers or Amy Winehouse and her awfully awful skin.

    Cats are something, aren’t they? They’re usually mean and careless, but loveable to the ones who own them. I have one myself and she’s also a nasty emo bitch who refuses to interact with anyone (now, she gets THAT from me). And I can asure you: when she goes away, I won’t be embarrased to cry about it. My entire family could go to hell for all I care, but not my cat.

    Nice post.

  • Pris

    Cats have personality, evil cats have even more personality… and personality goes a long way.

    My heart goes to all mock felines (and out other evil felines out there) who’ve already crossed the rainbow bridge.

  • Anonymous

    When I was growing up, my mom’s cat disdained anyone in the house except Mom. You’d go to pet her and – you know how cats have elevator-butt where they’ll arch their backs up to meet the petting hand? Well, P.K. (Pretty Kitty – we were original, too) would actually arch AWAY from the hand… like try to touch the floor with her belly pooch. Yeah, that cat loved… not.

    However – and this is the point of this story – if any one of us were sick, P.K. wouldn’t let us leave her sight. I remember one particularly bad time I had bronchitis. I spent the day dozing in and out of the drug-induced haze on the couch. P.K. sat on the arm of the couch hearest my feet and Never Moved All Day Long. I guess she was protecting me, in the best way she knew how?

    P.K. was also 19 when Mom had to make the decision. That was 8 years ago, and Mom still gets misty-eyed when she talks of her.

    Blessings to you, Mock and Dame. Cats are special.

  • SnarkyBritches

    Aaaaaaand crap – Anonymous again. Sheesh. I bet it was P.K.’s doing, messing with me one more time.

  • sbarros

    I am a long time cat lover since discovering them at the wee age of 4. Right now I have 7 cats plus 4 kittens (2 of which are up for adoption still). At one point I had 12, but that was over a decade ago. Cats, in my view, are far superior to dogs, because they are self maintaining. My special kitty, Leo, sleeps with me all the time and whenever I am ill, he never leaves my side. I have lost many cats along the way and I keep their ashes so that when I go, we will all be reunited in ashen form. Creepy? Perhaps. But I have bonds with them greater than I have with some family members.

    Remember, the Egyptians worshipped cats for a reason. They believed (as some modern religions still do) that cats ward off evil spirits.

    On a personal note, Mock, I know of that howling sound too. My Duckie died in 1996 after being poisoned by our neighbor. She made it less than 24 hours after that howling sound began. And I cried for years and sometimes still do…you never forget the special ones.

  • mlm

    Oh. My. God. This could be my story of my cat, almost verbatim. I got my Tigger when he was 6 weeks old. My cat was 18 when the howling started–horrible, screaming howls almost all night. When he turned 19, he started losing weight and sneezing a lot. His eyes ran, too. The vet thought it might be an infected tooth, so she pulled it. After it didn’t get well, she determined it was oral cancer and we had him put down in August 2006. My cat, however, was a big, fat, sweet teddy bear who loved everyone and everyone (even people who weren’t “cat” people) loved him. Even the vet cried with me when she put him down. I kept gasping when I was reading your story, Mock, because it is so similar to mine. (except for the evil-ness)

  • mlm

    Thanks, Jennifer, for making me cry at work!

  • meerkat spanker

    I miss her very much too mock. I regret removing her from my lap all those times those last few months. If I would have know the end was coming, well I would have done things differently. I only had her for a few of those 19 years, but she felt like mine too. I’m not ashamed to say I cried also. She will always be with us.

  • Mockarena

    Awwww! Totally all weepy over Mr. Mock’s (meerkatspanker) comment. Honey – she was definitely yours too. You were with her for 10 of those 19 years!!

    Thanks to everyone else for sharing their stories too!

    I neglected to mention that Mr. Mock was also deeply loved by Kitty Kitty, although it took her about a year to fully accept him as part of the household. Once she did though, he was her favorite!

  • justforlaughs

    This post just brings on so many memories…made me cry like a baby.
    We found our cat abandoned with 6 little kittens in a cardboard box in a shopping center. Mama cat was starving because she didn’t want to leave her babies alone to hunt for food. We took them all home and to the vet, nursed them back to health, found homes for all the kittens and kept the mama. Another unoriginal name, Whiskers, was the love of our lives, she would go outside in the backyard with the boys when they were younger (8 and 10) and one time a dog came into the yard and she stood between my kids and a large dog to protect them,hissing and snarling. She was not afraid of anything or anyone, but she was the most lovable little kitty ever…she stayed with us as part of our family until she died of old age. I still miss her after 5 years…

  • wordwych

    Mockarena, thank you for (a) adopting Kitty Kitty from the Humane Society, (b) putting up with her kit-b*tchy eccentricities instead of pitching her out – as far too many people do when animals don’t adhere to their expectations – (c) giving her a loving home, and (d) letting her go in your arms when the time came for her to be let go.

    I’ve had cats all my life, and I wept copiously when the time came for me to let them go. I still miss them all, especially Medusa the Screaming B*tch (aka “Vet Eater,” who was my version of your Kitty Kitty, and whose disenchantment with all things veterinary led my vet to say, “I don’t know how this cat can weight only 7 pounds. She always looks so much bigger when she’s flying through the air towards my face”), and The Boy Queens, my two shamelessly gay male cats who now lie side by side in the corner of the yard under stone markers my dad had made bearing their names.

    Your Kitty Kitty looks rather like the wee tuxedo-kitty gent I’ve just adopted from a litter I fostered for a local animal rescue network. Yeah, I know. The idea is to foster, not keep ’em, but all of Bertie Wooster’s siblings got adopted and he didn’t, and the little sucker wormed his way right into my heart. I’ll be getting another couple of fosters this weekend, and I hope they’ll go into great homes like the one you provided for Kitty Kitty.

  • knittykitty

    Cat owners of the word unite! I had a cat growing up for 18 years, mind you, she was only 2 year younger than my bro so she was like a little sis. She wasn’t your typical bitchy kitty, but maybe that’s because she claimed me as her own. My folks put her down 5 years ago and I still miss her everyday. I adopted my first kitty since a few weeks ago and I can only hope that she lives up to the legend. So far so good! Thanks for the good cry!

  • Diana

    I don’t know how I missed this back when you posted it. I lost my dog Janie in June of ’08, and I was a wreck over it. I only had her for a couple of years (my mom and I adopted her when she was 10 and we were her retirement home.) She loved us in her bossy way, and we loved her…even her terrible breath. I spent a week housesitting at my mother’s place before Janie died and I remember thinking it wouldn’t be long so I told her I loved her constantly. She was an opinionated old lady and I miss her to this day.