Super Tall Lady Has Died

So in INDIANAPOLIS news today, Sandy Allen, the world’s tallest woman at 7 ft 7 in, has died at age 53.  What the???  How have I lived here forever and not ever seen her?  I mean, it’s not like you wouldn’t be able to spot her in a crowd. 

Our adorable governor, Mitch Daniels, said that he’d met her twice, and that “then, and from a distance, I admired very much the way she handled a uniquely difficult situation with uncomplaining grace.”  Our governor is like, the cutest little kermit person EVER.  The kind of adorable where I TOTALLY want to put him right in my pocket, and get him out every now and then to perch him on my shoulder and feed him a saltine cracker.  LOOK AT HIM.

Anyway, a really really really tall lady that our governor met twice died today.  Sad.

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  • jenn

    I think I saw a show with her on it on TLC on Sunday nights…the best channel ever! She seemed to be a really cool person, actually.

  • wordwych

    I am saddened to learn of Sandy Allen’s passing. She was a cool lady. Imagine being that tall. She didn’t allow people to treat her like a freak, she didn’t hide, and she had a great sense of humor. Plus, she shut Howard Stern up! You gotta love a lady who can do that.

  • Miss Manners

    This is sad news. Sandy was a lovely and gracious person. She handled her disability with humor and dignity. What a gentle, loving giant she was.

  • Bunny

    OK…you know I adore my man Mitch, and the times he’s not in Mock’s pocket, he’s in mine. But I have to chortle a bit at his comment, “I admired her from a distance”. Considering she was a leviathan, and he is roughly the size of a dried apricot, the only way he possibly COULD admire her was from a distance. God bless them both. RIP Sandy.

  • Dr. Feelbad

    Sad about Ms. Allen, but I want to punch that giant-foreheaded moron of a governor in his stupid face. Did I ever tell you about the time he threw dirt on me? HE INTENTIONALLY THREW DIRT ON ME, WITH AN ACTUAL SHOVEL. I hate that bastard.

    True story (for reals).

  • Dame’s Sista

    I believe that Sandy Allen was from the booming metropolis of Shelbyville, IN. (Since my husband may be reading this I will add…)WHERE GREAT PEOPLE ARE BORN. Yeah, that’s right! Uh, huh!

  • darius

    i’m 10 years old and at school i read an article about sandy allen and it almost made me cry, i may be yound but my fellings are deep for her, its 2009 , and im sorry for the loss