William Bratton Is Still My Most Favorite Police Chief Ever

Remember when I posted about Chief Bratton before?  Well, I continue to love him, and he continues to say the best stuff ever.  Today, he said that the whole paparazzi issue has calmed down substantially since “Britney started wearing clothes and behaving; Paris is out of town not bothering anybody anymore, thank God, and evidently, Lindsay Lohan has gone gay, we don’t seem to have much of an issue.”  How great is that?

He was speaking about some dumb proposal that creates really dumb, completely unenforceable laws to crack down on the paparazzi, when in fact, it’s the celebrities themselves causing much of the commotion.  He said further, “If the ones that attract the paparazzi behave in the first place, like we expect of anybody, that solves about 90 percent of the problem. The rest we can deal with.” 

You can just tell how much he loves celebrities, can’t you?  I mean, the love is just ooooozing out of him.  I totally agree with him, except that it’s kind of a bummer for us at the Mock Dock when celebrities behave. 

How much do you love that he totally called out Lindsay Lohan for “going gay”?  SO great.


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  • wordwych

    I’m with you on this! Major LOVE for the guy! I think there’s enough mockable behavior going on in the world that we can get by for a while without another view of Britney’s bits or Paris Horeton’s latest bimboism. I know lesbians who are horrified that Lindsay has apparently started playing for the home team. They don’t want her, either!!

  • The Anonymizer 3000

    Just to play Devil’s Advocate, Brangelina does a good job of “behaving” themselves and yet there are helicopters all around their home…

    Instead of having anti-paparazzi laws, they should have anti-Spencer Pratt/Heidi Montag laws. Who’s with me on that one?

  • Dani

    This guy is awesome! Now, does this mean we can make John Mayer disappear? That would seriously make my year.