Will someone please explain what the hell is happening with/to Courtney Love in this photo?  Guitar?  Crazy bathing suit, complete with waist corsage?  Footbrace?  Bizarre hand gesture?  Whaaa?

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  • Christine

    That foot brace, is for plantar facitis. They run between $75 and $150 bucks a piece. I don’t think they are very comfortable to walk in. Usually, they are worn when you are sleeping to keep your foot pointed up to keep the plantar facia stretched. I am a massage therapist by trade.

  • Bunny

    So….I am assuming they aren’t really meant to, say, go swimming in?

  • Jenn

    I’m going to assume that’s not *really* a bathing suit either…maybe her alter-ego Cherry KooKoo could explain what’s going on.

  • SnarkyBritches

    Does she have new ‘songs’ that this would be a video shoot for?

  • amanda

    I thought this was a normal day in the life of Courtney Love. The weird hand gesture and the look on her face makes me think she’s talking to herself.

  • wordwych

    Maybe she’s tired of all the terrible stress involved with being a talentless, crackhead widow and she’s taking her toys and going home?

    Regardless, she looks like she should be sharing a room with Amy Winohouse at the nearest rehab.

  • mlm

    I have plantar fascitis (heel spurs) and it’s no picnic. After exercise, injections, and shoe inserts, I decided to have surgery on one foot and it hasn’t bothered me since!
    Maybe Courtney went to the beach for some “inspiration” to write new songs (hence the bookbag with the notebooks in it) but in her drug-addled mind, all that sand and water was too much to deal with (hence the weird hand gesture).

  • rosie too

    This is what happens when you try and change too many of your doll parts.

  • sln

    her right boob is just about falling out too…

  • sbarros

    that is the most bizarre bathing suit i have ever seen…

  • anon69

    The guilt from causing Kurt’s death has finally sent her over the edge.