We Are Equal Opportunity Mockers

So that we can’t ever be accused of only mocking the enormous, gigantic, and freakishly large , I have decided that you all need to see the other side.  The opposite of enormous, gigantic and freakishly large.

An alert mockdocker turned me on to the hideousness you see below. 

You have to wonder if the make-up artist even notices the fact that she’s applying lipstick to a CORPSE in boots. She looks utterly unfazed by this chick’s skinniness.  But this one’s my favorite:

There needs to be a serious role reversal here.  Not that the chick being fed wouldn’t benefit from eating whatever sort of delicious looking pastries those are, but the FEEDER chick should eat 4 tables worth of those on an hourly basis for the next year, so that she MIGHT have the potential to look like an actual human again. 

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  • Pris

    I find these MUCH more disturbing…

  • ER

    That picture is photo shopped. I’ll look for the link that shows that the model, while very thin, is not emaciated as the picture indicates.

  • Anonymous


    Here is the website that shows the doctored and untouched photos!

  • ER

    That website doesn’t show the model in question in the untouched photos, but it does indicate she’s part of it. I love Snopes.

  • Captain Ana Banana

    That was too disturbing. I JUST woke up! Mock, pleeeze don’t ever do that again! I’ve decided that fat pictures are way better. At least the people look ALIVE.

  • sarah

    Ucky – I’ve seen some of those pics before. But I’ve always wondered how the models had “relatively” normal looking faces and death camp bodies – you’d think the Photoshopping folks would paint in some sharper cheekbones and eye hollows to complete the effect.

    Thanks for the link, ER – I’ll sleep a little better tonight knowing that these chicks probably aren’t going to drop dead tomorrow.

  • Pris

    … Only in a few months maybe.

  • Mockarena

    Thanks for the snopes link. Actually, I don’t think they look THAT much better in the non-photoshopped pics, but sarah’s right – they at least don’t like they’ll die in the next 2-3 minutes. 😉

  • Pris

    …. Only eventually….

  • wordwych

    Anyone else wonder why someone would sit down and take the time to Photoshop this kind of stuff? I mean, how much angst is that person packing around? I think the “fashion” world is ridiculous, but I don’t let it drive me to waste my time trying to make it look worse than it already is.

  • Mockarena

    Nah – I’m too busy spending all my time HERE. 😉

  • ER

    I used to visit a website that focused on celebs weight gain and weight loss and it made me crazy worrying about my weight. This site is FAR superior!

  • wordwych

    LOL, Mockarena. It didn’t dawn on me until a short while ago that my questions might cause offense (which I did NOT intend, in case anyone did take offense!). I was thinking about the time investment it would take to Photoshop all that stuff, and the fact the “fashion” industry already has mockable trends/images/subjects aplenty without someone trying to make it look worse than it already does. I view the mocking as a healthy outlet, and I certainly enjoy it. I just keep thinking that somewhere in some dingy, stuffy little grotto illuminated only by the glow of a computer screen, there’s either a frustrated fashion designer or a frustrated wannabe model who slaves for hours and hours and hours over these photos, enhancing every rib, every bone, every square inch of sallow skin.

  • SnarkyBritches

    Sheesh, wordwych – everyone needs a hobby.


  • sbarros

    I wish we could take fat off of some folks and give it to others. Wouldn’t that be a great balance?

  • sbarros

    I mean like Rosie could say, here you go, Nicole Richie, have some of my body fat, you need it more than I do…

  • jordan

    What’s keeping her alive!