Lindsay Lohan’s Girlfriend Likes Wee-Wee’s After All

Just ON her though.  Not so much IN her.  Just ON her.

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  • ER

    As a mother to small children, I would be mortified if I encountered that shirt walking down the street. That’s wearable porn!

  • Captain Ana Banana

    Wait, so IS Lindsay Lohan gay? I hear some people saying no, but then others saying that she’s been wearing a ring with Samantha Ronson’s initials on it. Don’t know what’s true. NEbody know for sure?

  • amanda

    Lindsay Lohan’s girlfriend looks like she could be the proud owner of a wee-wee. And I don’t mean the ones on her…his…shirt.

  • crabbyal

    I think she was shopping in the gay store and accidentally wandered to the gay GUY side of the store.

  • Sunshyndrmr

    she is so much better looking without that stupid hat she typically wears.

  • Violet

    I think I understand Lindsay….she justs wants someone to love her and Samantha is willing….look at Lindsay’s, parents they are NUTS!!

    The one thing that I appreciate about lesbians is that they are not like all those women that make men their lives and identities.

    That said, her shirt is forgiven.

  • ErinnR

    Well said Violet!

    Did you see that skit (I think it was the soup) where someone impersonating mom Lohan said to her daughter something to the extent of “Just be quiet and let me think of how I can earn money off of you!”

  • Mockarena
  • ErinnR

    I was way off, hehehe…. thanks for putting me straight! (pun intended!)

  • R

    Could she go to those docs in Australia and get a designer wee-wee instead of designer-ing what she’s already got?