I Never Thought This Would Happen…

but behold:  A photo in which Halle Berry doesn’t look ridiculously perfectly absurdly gorgeous.

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  • rosie too

    And yet, her hair is shiny, her skin is glowing, and her nostrils are, um, clear. Even the hideous photos are glam. Impressive.

  • Mockarena

    Dammit rosie – don’t ruin this for me. đŸ™‚

  • rosie too

    Oh, wait. Is that an incipient moustache I see?

  • jenn

    At first I thought it was Whitney Houston…

  • sbarros

    tee hee, i can see up her nose!

  • jordan

    The whites of her eyes makes her look like she is turning into Storm

  • Pris

    Maybe she was just on her way of being knocked out by a paparazzi’s camera as she tried to leave her car…

  • wordwych

    Pris, I thought the same thing – is she in the process of losing consciousness? Maybe a seizure? Whatever it is, she still manages to have perfectly groomed hair and flawless skin.

  • buckeye bob

    She was just goofing off. Right before the photo was taken, she was heard to say ” Look guys here’s my impression of Amy Crackhouse

  • ErinnR

    Why is it that the moment you become a mother you suddenly get caught in the most un-glam positions!

    Next photo: baby urp on her $500 t-shirt.