Confusion MY Is New Whaa?

I just – I don’t – I can’t understand what is happening here.

Is she actually suggesting that she’s going to seduce someone?  As a new strategy of sorts? Wearing that? 

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  • jenn

    I guess dyslexia didn’t work out for her.

  • Olivia J. Snarkypants

    That doesn’t even make any sense. I wonder if she bought it or made it…

  • fishistix

    I couldn’t help but notice the thong outline. hmmm yum?

  • sbarros

    poor english as a strategy?

  • Wiggity

    Maybe she has drain bramage.

  • ER

    Confusion is her new strategy!

  • Pris

    If it was to get more attention then it worked, with “Seduction is my new strategy” people’d only go “EEEW! Yeah, right” while written like that you’d go “EEW…. uh…. what?!” and just stare at her a bit longer…

  • amanda

    Muffin top! heehee

  • Crabby

    Ummmmmmmmm yeah………….

  • buckeye bob

    The only thing she’ll ever seduce is a donut.
    And as Jenn said, “dyslexia didn’t work out for her” but she sure beat the hell out of anorexia

  • mlm

    I think this pic needs to be posted on!

  • f***-yoga

    seduction with muffin