Levi Has Mad Smiling Skillz

I know I already posted a picture of Matt McConauhoweveryouspellit’s new kid, but you guys, he’s SUCH a cute baby and it’s so ridiculously lucky that they got basically a 45-second old kid to SMILE FOR THE CAMERA that I couldn’t help but post it.  How did they DO that?  Babies don’t even purposefully smile until they’re like 5 weeks old at the earliest, right?  But they wouldn’t photoshop a BABY, would they?

Anyway, seriously.  How adorable is he?


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  • ER

    Babies have to learn to control their facial muscles, and in an effort to do that they will smile from the second they’re born, but it’s not a social smile….yet!

  • Christine

    I’ll admit, the baby is cute. But… is it only me who thinks this kid has a huge nose for an infant?? Babies usually have such tiny little noses. This kids nose is very large for a baby.

  • Cate

    They should’ve photoshopped down the size of Matt’s hands. Maybe it’s just the angle, but it’s freakshow large, especially juxtaposed to that (super cute!) tiny baby head.

  • Pris

    His laughing? It’s just gas!

  • amanda

    Matthew McWhatever looks very greasy in that picture. Is he too busy with the baby to shower?
    Very cute baby, though.

  • mlm

    That second picture is great, too! On the first picture, they just happened to click the camera at the EXACT right moment to be able to catch that “smile”, but it is darn cute.

  • Shannon

    That’s not really that early – the kid is 3+ weeks now. Babies can get social smiles (smiling in response to you) pretty early – 6 weeks is the average, but it has a pretty wide standard deviation. (My daughter smiled readily at 3 weeks – the cutest, juiciest things you’ve ever seen. Sigh…)

  • mlm

    Um, if that baby is 3 weeks old in that picture, then why does Matthew still have on his hospital bracelet? I think the baby is fairly new in that picture. However, my son smiled at about 5 weeks, and it made me cry.