Just A Quick Reminder: Flavio Is Married To Her.

Flabio (see what I did there?) Briatore was captured frolicking around again with his new-ish Nicole Scherzinger-ish wife.  Granted, she doesn’t look all that thrilled to be with him in this particular photo, but I’m actually sparing you by NOT posting the picture of the two of them kissing.

I kind of have this weird urge to put a quarter into his belly button.  Is that weird?

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  • buckeye bob

    Looks like she lost a bet and had to pose for the picture. She’s also thinking “get your hand off my butt.

  • Captain Ana Banana

    Wow. The things (and Flabio’s) people will do for money.

  • Pris

    What do you mean?! You can see it’s true love!!!! :-/

    Since the last photo posted here on this guy…. you can see his food baby has been growing healthily…

  • amanda

    He’s the one with the nice legs, right? 😉
    In this particular photo, she’s probably wondering how long it will be before he kicks the bucket so she can cash in.

  • Violet

    Who are these people? And BLECH on the belly button comment!

  • mlm

    I have no idea who these people are….

  • Mockarena
  • Bunny

    Those are some serious “rich goggles” she’s wearing..sort of like “beer goggles” for dudes. Something tells me she’s not simply in love with his personality.

  • mlm

    Wow, Mock, and I even commented on the previous introduction and I only remembered it when the picture came up. Maybe it’s time for some ginkgo biloba! And I still don’t know who he is…. 🙂