Caption-Happy Mockers, Consider This Your Friday Night Gift

What is she resting her subgut ON, exactly?  Can anyone make that out? Is it like a large grill or something?

Give this one a caption, you guys.  It doesn’t get much better than this.  Plus, I think she’s wearing a banana clip.  SO great!

UPDATE:  Mr. Mock says it’s the tailgate of a pickup truck.  Mystery solved, but eeeew.

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  • Angela

    The George Foreman Grill is now BIGGER & BETTER and built to LAST under immense about of weight!!! You can now cook those Guinness Book of World Record Burgers!!! CALL NOW!!!!

  • KittyThePooka

    Hey sexy babies. This is Su-ZA-nuh, broadcasting live to youtube for my daily video blog. Today’s installment, my sexy, SEXY belly. Let me lift this tire up here onto m’pickup to show ya. Awww yeah. Feel that blubbery, fleshy skin. You know how I keep it so soft? Hamburger grease. I just grill myself up half a dozen hamburgers and rub it on alllll over my belly. Then I eat them. For a fifty dollar donation to my fanclub, I’ll videotape myself eating these hamburgers.

    You know you want to see me do it.

    That’s why you’re here.

  • Captain Ana Banana

    The fastest solution to weight loss is finally here! Introducing the new Gut Grill! Just place your glutinous guts on the grill and voila! The fat is burned off instantly!

    WARNING: May cause severe burns, loss of sweat glands and skin, increased ugliness, and/or death.

  • Anonymous

    Captain Ana Banana, are you related to Captain Lou Al Bano? If so, I know where he works these days. Let me know if you need an email address.

  • sbarros

    Ford trucks are built so tough, you can put a half ton just on the tailgate…

  • Captain Ana Banana

    Anonymous – No. It’s a nickname that started when I was in 8th grade. We made model rockets in my class and to make mine recognizable from the others I wrote Captain Ana Banana, and it stuck.

    Is Captain Lou Al Bano a real name? It sounds cool.

  • Pris

    I thought it was some weird picnic table… imagine you’re sitting there having a picnic with friends or family… then this uh… person comes over and flops that thing RIGHT next to your plate. Now imagine she showing up wherever you are, all the time, at the very moment you’re about to start eating. The fast new formula to lose weight (or not want to eat ever again…)

  • ER

    Wow, who knew they made bikini’s in that size!?

  • Buckeye Bob

    And they said I did not have the stomach to cook outside in a bikini.
    Ha!, I even put on my best merkin.

  • mlm

    Sadly, as the pickup truck pulled away, Gert was left with no means of support, and landed face-down in an anthill. The picnic guests were wrong when they saw her earlier and thought, “Whoa–It doesn’t get much uglier than that….”

  • ErinnR

    My god!

    Don’t have the words for this one….. loved the other captions though!

  • Violet

    No—just no.

  • Roxy Rococoa

    That IS a barbeque grill. Roxy has one exactly like it. Well, had.
    After seeing this picture, Roxy had no choice but to throw it away.

    Makes Roxy sad AND oddly hungry.