WHOA! Joey Lawrence Miiiiiiight Be Gay

I don’t care if he’s married.  I don’t care if he has a kid.  Any dude who wears that outfit is officially gay.  Plus, there was this:


I think we can consider this matter closed.

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  • Ka-Duh

    Hey don’t hate on Joey! I was in love with throughout the Blossom years into the Brotherly Love years. I owned his albums. Plus, that outfit is no gayer than say… Robbie Williams in this post http://www.themockdock.com/2008/03/10/obviously-robbie-williams-is-not-crazy-or-funny-or-gay/ or the shirt in this post http://www.themockdock.com/2008/06/18/even-he-is-shocked-that-he-looks-this-bad/

    But seriously, all I have to say about that outfit is… Whoa!!

  • Diana

    Somewhere there’s an Olsen twin missing her pants. Luckily enough she will doubtlessly have 19 other layers of clothing and a bag bigger than both of them together, so no one will notice.

    Dude, Joey, no one needs to actually see your balls through your pants. If you listen closely, you can hear them dying.

  • angry_broad

    I thought that was an old picture of Britney back when she shaved her head. Whoa indeed!

  • anon69


  • Sunshyndrmr

    I was in love with his brother, Matthew after seeing Mrs. Doubtfire, I was CONVINCED we’d meet somewhere and fall inlove, ok so I was about 12 but it was bound to happen.

  • amanda

    This is definitely not a flattering look for a heterosexual male. The video cracks me up but I still loved him back in the Joey days.

  • amanda

    OK, in the above comment I meant Blossom days. Obviously his “Joey days” are everyday. 😛

  • mlm

    From the looks of the hand-holding men behind them, they are even hanging out in the gay part of town! *gasp*

  • The Anonymizer 3000

    It’s the white flip-flops.

    The tell you everything you need to know.

  • Anonymous 1

    Look atthat nice deelishus bulge in his pants! Every gay man’s fantsy come true, I know of a buddy of mine in WeHo who slept with him. Said he’s quite the eager bottom!

  • Who-R-U

    Ever since his early years people always said he was gay. Comm’n people as per his lifestyle and the way he carries himself (Sexy outfits the type a str8 guy would wear) he’s obviously GAY. Just still in the closet.
    Its doesn’t matter if hes married or have kids. I have a friends that’s gay and always been in the closet. He’s also married and with two gorgeous children. Many celebrities do the same thing.


    That video is retchid, just retchid.

  • Noel

    The man is not gay but those flip-flops and his wrist ware are not helping his case. MLM that “man” on the left is a woman. LOL

  • marcy

    omg he looks like a fag.. yah he’s gay.. :]

  • Lynn

    OK so the current day outfit might be a little tight but it’s not exactly out of sty,le either for meterosexual males. (You know, the straight guys who pay attention to fashion, like nice things and really care about their appearance).

    As for the video, you are seriously forgetting what pop music, fashion, and music video’s were like in the early 90’s. This was a GREAT video at that time, featuring one of America’s long time heartthrobs of grade school and junior high school girls. Joey was right up there with Michael J Fox and the guys from Saved by the Bell

  • anonymouspersonwithalaptop

    hes sooooo hot!!!! I wish he is gay!!!(fyi…im gay)

  • summer

    gay or bi or whatever … its not like your going out with him… what matters for all of us is that he is handsome ,sexy and funny . Thats what both gay and str8 women fans should care about. Having the ambition that you are going to meet someone like that hasn’t died.

  • http://[email protected] brandon

    omg he is GAY, how disgusting is that? y does he desire the male ding dong, thats just gross & sick. bunch of fagots

  • Helen


  • bookerT

    I do not believe he is from Europe…but I know he gives it like a champ

  • Shayne S.

    Come on now, you people actually believe in everything on the internet or on tv? there called rumors for a reason to drawn in ignorant people.

  • Lenore

    Is he gay!…..As a $2 bill!