Remember How Grossed Out You Were By Mini-Me But Then I Grossed You Out More With Flava Flav? Well, That Was Nothing.

Brigitte Nielsen had liposuction on live German TV, and you know what she wants to do with the FOUR LITERS of fat they removed from her?

Sell it online.  All for charity, you see.  Plus, she wants to do another Playboy spread.

Brigitte claims to be 44, but I BEG TO DIFFER.  The woman has GOT to be in her 60’s with as roughly ridden as she looks.

Remember when she was Flavor Flav’s girlfriend? And they had relations of a sexual nature?

Sleep tight, my friends.  Sleep tight.

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  • Sunshyndrmr

    the picture for this makes me laugh so hard. something about both their expressions is just too funny. Ok and maybe the way he’s holding her boobs is pretty funny too.

    and selling your fat? WTF!?!?!

  • sbarros

    I must live under a rock. She had relations with Flav? Oh, disgusting. And she is not 44, unless she has done some serious drugs. That can age you quickly.

  • Mockarena

    I am totally convinced that the moment this photo was taken, the dude said, “HONK!!!!”


  • Mikey

    NBN (Nothing But Nasty)……I can see Flav watching this video…..”Yeah Boyeeeee, I’ve hit that fat”

  • sbarros

    Honk! LOL! I bet he put squeaky toys in her boobs.

  • Holmes

    I dated a girl who had squeezy toys in her boobs…she was a clown…she wrote off the procedure as a business expense…whenever we would have “business time”…I could never tell if she was enjoying it…she was a sad clown…

  • Wise

    They are selling it with the label “Ultimate Memory Foam pillow”. No joke.

  • mlm

    Selling her fat? What about the people who BUY her fat? And if she is 44, I’ll eat my hat. (well, I don’t wear hats, but you catch my drift…)

  • anon69

    That shit is biohazardous material-she can’t sell it.
    See what smoking and too much alcohol can do to you? She’s a good argument for living clean. SCARY.

  • mikey

    mlm: If she’s 44, she better go on the Casey Kasem/Dick Clark formaldehyde diet immediately!

  • cas

    I couldn’t believe she was 44 either so I googled the imdb website to look up her birthday and I’ll be [email protected]$% she is 44 but will be 45 in July. They said she was born in the 60’s. I personally think she doctored her birth documents when she came to the U.S. and lets face it I would imagine it is not hard to scam Hollywood!