If you do not agree that this has the potential to be the best show ever created for television EVER, then I’m afraid that there is no chance we can ever be friends. Because this is going to be the BEST SHOW EVER and I will want to talk about it with my friends all the time.

You guys – seriously. The mom thing? I giggled SO MUCH at this. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!

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  • Melissa

    That looks hysterical! I love comedy central.

  • Sunshyndrmr

    FANTASTIC! I’m totally a reality show junky, especially Big Brother, but I do realize how ridiculous is it, probably partly because my boyfriend reminds me often, however, this looks great! I am so excited to watch this, and I think when it starts we should talk about it often. Incase anyone else is a Big Brother fan like me, it starts this sunday and they better redeem themselves for last season was a waste of TV time. (but yes I watched just incase it got better, mock me, I’ll join)

  • cobrien

    It looks almost as good as Reno 911, which is my favorite. My boyfriend and I saw the movie and we were laughing so loud that I think we pissed off most of the people in the theatre. God I love stupid humor-I am also so excited!!! Thank you Mockarena!!!

  • Pris

    Yo, I don’t like TV much (and specially reality shows) but THIS I think I HAVE to see! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • mlm

    I can’t see the picture because of these stupid *^%#[email protected] filters at work, but let me guess–is it the new Gong Show with Dave Atell?

  • sbarros

    I watched this the other night. It was so hilarious…the guys and their mamas. Too frickin’ funny!