I’m Not Saying I’m a Proponent of Plastic Surgery Or Anything…

…but yikes.

No reason Helen Hunt should look like this at only 45.

Is it just me, or does she look like one of those people who’s just always angry at something?  Maybe that’s what’s aged her so quickly.

Lesson:  Stop being pissed off, and you’ll look better.  I really believe this!

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  • BiscuitTin

    Are you sure that’s not Candice Bergen? She’s got the age to go with the wrinkles. No? Poor Helen. Bad Genes.

  • BiscuitTin

    Oh, I’m sorry, I’m really new here – I forgot to mock. Hey, Helen, Watcha so mad about, you?

  • Hatchetwoman

    Is that a black eye under the glasses?

    Black eye or no, I’m shocked at how old and hag-like she looks!

  • Angela

    I thought that was Diane Keaton….

  • bob

    I thought it was her mom. Now she’s going to be “Mad about You” putting her pic on here.

  • jimmysmitsfromtvslalaw

    Yeah it does look like the corner of her eye has a bit of a shiner. What kind of world has it become when even grandmothers are getting beaten up.

  • Wise

    Does anyone else see the Crypt Keeper? I don’t know, that’s just what I see.

  • amanda

    She’s only 45? I would have guessed 65. Swallow your pride, Helen, and have a little nip/tuck.

  • sammie

    Once again, the hypocrisy is glaring. We criticize celebrities for having so much work done and trying to halt or reverse the natural effects of aging, and when someone doesn’t, they’re castigated too. Wow.

  • Mockarena

    Whoa whoa whoa. I only said she should stop being angry. My subject line even says i’m not a plastic surgery proponent.

    Eeeeeasy, sammie. Relax or you’ll get wrinkles. 🙂

  • ER

    Jamie Lee Curtis has stated she’s against plastic surgery and yes, she does have wrinkles, but she looks great. Helen Hunt just looks…..angry or depressed.

  • wb

    Can’t believe that’s Helen Hunt. But – it she’s a smoker, that would explain it. Smokers who live in the sunbelt are bound to see this kind of face-sagging and wrinkling.

    I’m 49 and I have zero wrinkles. Why? No smoking. Rainy climate. Oily skin. Sunscreen and no tanning beds.

  • sammie

    Full disclosure, I sort of cringed when I saw the picture too. But that dooesn’t really seem a fair reaction, since I’m one of those who thinks celebrities overdo it. And make the rest of us feel bad for looking “normal.”

    Gotta go, I’ve got this frown line in between my eyebrows that needs some attention… 🙂

  • http://www.safi-anna.blogspot.com Anna Williams

    I agree, sammie. I could just see her getting work done and still facing criticism, she does look very old for 45. I am almost 46 and my face is not droopy like that. I saw a photo of her now, and she’s 56, she looks way worse. But then again, it is honest to age with grace and let nature take its course.