People Love Miley Cyrus

There are various reports floating around that the whole Vanity Fair photo scandal with Miley Cyrus left her so upset that she was close to quitting the whole Hannah Montana thing, and supposedly her family and friends had to encourage her to keep on keeping on.

Which is probably really good news for people like the fan shown above.  You KNOW that girl has on Hannah Montana underwear.

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  • Holmes

    I was shopping at the Second-hand store earlier…right next to the an 8-track of the Righteous Brothers and on the shelf below a Minolta camera lens…I found a pair of what I thought was Hannah Montana underwear…they were glorious…just the right amount of support and style…I muttered “high fashion, and so in-the-now”…believe it or not security marched me out…and threatened to call the po-po…and the moral of this story…everyone needs to recycle more and try on underwear in public less…

  • Holmes

    oh yeah…and that chick…awesome choppers…she could freaking gnaw her way through any Hannah in Montana…

  • Violet