Wait! NEW Best Captionable Photo Of All Time

Speaking of Ashley and dongs…get a load of this photo.  There is so much happening in it that am I at a complete loss as to where to begin mocking it.  Mock away, fellow McMockersons!!!

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  • http://www.themockdock.com Holmes

    I think that there is nothing wrong with this photo of a lovely family and their excruciatingly lengthy phallic food items, or the round-faced cherub who has gum-mangled his mothers silicones to a couple of oblong life rafts…Oh wait…now I see it…that kid’s shoes look like the terrorists headwrap that Arafat always war…Stupid Rachel Ray and her 30-minute suicide bombings…

  • mlm

    Yes, you shouldn’t wear a dress like that if your boobs are that saggy.(Oblong life rafts is GREAT!) Thank GOD that baby doesn’t look much like her–we don’t need two of those things in this world. In the meantime, her husband looks as if he’s thinking, “Please don’t get me in this picture…” or, “Get me the hell out of this nightmare!”