No One Cares Where You Live, Susan Sarandon

You know what I hate?  When celebrities say crap like, “If John McCain gets elected, I’m moving to Italy or Canada.”  As if anyone cares where they happen to have their 48 bajillion dollar house.  Plus, they never follow through on their promises anyway.  There were like 18 celebrities who said the same thing about GWB getting elected last time – and they’re all still freaking here.

Anyway, according to this, Susan Sarandon says she and her gigantic boobs are outa here if McCain is elected.  Which I think is just  one more reason to vote for John McCain, actually.  I think if McCain is elected, Susan Sarandon and her giant boobs and anyone else who says something idiotic about moving out of the country should be held to it.  They should be escorted out with celebration parades and then orphans from all over the country should be allowed to move into their enormous mansions.

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  • Francisco Dreadful

    Aww, I actually like Susan… and her giant boobs too. They look nice 😀

  • Holmes

    I agree…they do look nice. They actually look nice enough that I might try to sit next to them in study hall and play double solitaire with them. Then, as our friendship grows, we can go out and cruise the strip in my used Caprice, which used to be a cop car but they sold it to me for $800 US dollars because the mileage was so high. I don’t car though. It has so much room for all of my friends and the V-8 gives it killer power. Anyway, I hope they are as nice as they look…not like that counselor at summer camp.

  • Dame Aufschneider

    That comment totally sounded like it came from a Family Guy episode. I can see it in animation. This means two things…I spend way too much time with you, Holmes. And I have watched too many episodes of Family Guy. Oh well…

  • Pris

    I think Family Guy is whats starting to sound like Holmes. Nobody Nowhere else could come up with comments like his (Holmes & his awesomely developed calf muscles that is)

  • Jill

    I like Susan Sarandon, but I totally agree with your point.

    Except I like her boobs.

  • Anonymous

    HATE susan sarandon. i think we should ship her, tim robbins, the baldwins and michael moore to a deserted island..surrounded by man-eating sharks. and her boobs suck.

  • mlm

    Actually, she looks pretty good for an 83 year old.

  • Anonymous

    If celebrities want to talk politics, they should become politicians. They need to keep their big mouths shut and do what they do best: entertain. I hate how they think their opinion means something to the general public. NEWS FLASH: We don’t care!!

  • jonny mac

    funny how some don’t want celebrities to talk….while they themselves freely express themselves on the internet with their political views and critiques…..same thing applies to all: Freedom of Speech…..we all can exercise it…..Granted some celebrities talk more than others and sometimes don’t present very logical arguments, but they do have the right to say something, just like I have the right to say Susan is a certified M/GILF and I’d love to bounce those boobies regardless of her politics!!!! …..LOL


    There are a lot of things to say about this celebrities and her strange ideas about the country they profit the most,but Ms. Sarandon has very convenient arguments for her luck of knowledge, when she talks against America and conservatives she calls them NAZIS,killers or whatever, when she should study and learn so she can use some terms properly The Nazis where socialist which is the type of people she adores, I don’t know why she doesn’t move to the country she admires specially Iran, oh I m sure she’ll have a lot of freedom of speech. Ms Sarandon brain needs some improvement instead of her boobs.

  • tony the pitiful copywriter

    She has better boobs than Paylin, so she wins.

    We all win.