Does This Anger You As Much As It Does Me?

Look at these two.  How much do they need to be punched in the face?

So now, in addition to some fool paying Spencer to write his own advice column, and in addition to allowing these two jokers to receive a salary for being on national TV on a regular basis, and in addition to paying them for various appearances, now Heidi and Spencer have a website that they call “Speidiweb” where they blog and list appearances and post various TOTALLY CANDID AND NOT AT ALL POSED PHOTOS, much like the one above, of themselves.  For which they are probably paid.

Forget war.  Forget global warming.  Forget poverty and disease.  Our next president has a bigger issue at hand – and it’s figuring out a way to eliminate these two from the collective consciousness of the entire nation.  I know I’m partially contributing to their publicity by even writing about them, but you see, this is my anger management outlet, so I feel as though I have a bit of an excuse.  Plus, you’ll notice I WILL NOT link to their site, nor will I even go to it to check it out. I refuse, and you should too. (Unless of course you want to check it out, report back in our comments section how lame it is, and then I can live vicariously through you).



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  • Burgundygirl

    Thank you.. Thank you… You took the words out of my mouth….