Dame’s a Dork…Version 2.0

So, I hide nothing from you people. I have already proven what a complete dork I am (see here). Why stop there…right? So I just read that there will be a musical based on “Little House on the Praire”. AND, Melissa Gilbert will be playing “Ma”. If any of you truly worship this show, adore Michael Landon, can quote most lines by heart, and remember seeing Mary go blind for the first time, PLEASE comment so I don’t feel alone in my passionate glee for the Ingalls family.

Except for Carrie. I’ve always hated Carrie.

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  • Mockarena

    I had THE hugest crush on Mary’s husband.

    And I bawled when Carrie fell in the well.

  • Danny

    The Guthrie Theater is an amazing, amazing place. The building is just stunning. We just saw A Midsummer Night’s Dream there last weekend.

    If any mockdockers make their way to Minneapolis to see it, maybe I’ll be nice enough to show you around town.

  • http://saffirebleu.livejournal.com/ Jill

    I remember when Mary went blind, and also when the baby brother died and Laura climbed as high as she could to talk to God. I cried and cried.

  • Anonymous

    almonzo was a freakin’ pioneer hottie!!! i think the funniest episodes were the ones where mary and adam were making dinner and walking around the house bumping into things…

  • Shannon

    Love this show… loved Pa, loved Mary & Laura, and loved (and loved to hate) the Olesons! Nellie was deliciously evil, and Nels and Harriet were wicked together.

    I agree about Carrie – a total lump of a kid. She had to be some producer’s daughter. The show really jumped the shark, though, after Albert came into the picture.