Ashley Judd Thinks You Care About Her Thoughts On Spirituality

Behold: A video in which Ashley Judd is asked about her spirituality. A video in which Ashley Judd, to my absolute DELIGHT, says, “My vocabulary is full of shortcomings.” A video which is completely irrelevant, because Ashley Judd’s spirituality is totally inconsequential. And lastly, it’s a video in which Ashley Judd looks about 60 years old and dog tired.


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  • Shannon

    I can’t believe I am saying this … but I actually found her tolerable in this video. (!!!!) Not overwhelmingly pretentious, no subtle put-downs, nothing about how she has found THE answer and the rest of us plebs aren’t as enlightened as she (which I totally expected, given the subject matter).

    What is going on here? Being annoyed by Ashley has always been a true constant for me. “I hate, therefore I am.” I think I need to lie down …

  • Mockarena

    Shannon – this is very disappointing news indeed. You could at LEAST agree with me on how old she looks, for crying out loud. What’s happened to you?!?

  • justforlaughs

    nope sorry guys, i listened to that video and she still really annoys me..

  • Holmes

    She is so smug…so deliciously pretentious…I deem her worthy of a Roman war helmet…and I will be happy to give it to her…

  • Pris

    I had something I thought was so witty to say on how annoyed her full-of-shortcomings (I mean, arrogance) vocabulary had made me… but it’s a beautiful day outside and I refuse to waste one more line with this creature

  • Jill

    I’m surprised you didn’t note that she admitted she has a ‘pitiful little mind.’