Best Captionable Photo Of All Time

Bunny uncovered this gem of a photo yesterday.  And Ernie, before you get all upset that Ashley Judd is being disparaged again, I want you to know that I’m fully aware that this is a photograph of her helping to show poor disadvantaged people the proper use of condoms.  So technically, that means she’s being a humanitarian and selfless and all that.

But come on!!! This picture is priceless. It’s not often you come across a photo of Ashley Judd licking her lips and gleefully clasping her hands together right next to a huge dong.


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  • k

    i didn’t know poor, disadvantaged people were so well endowed.

  • mlm

    Apparently, you need a megaphone for the dong to be able to hear you through the condom.

  • Pris

    mlm…. LMAO!!!!!

    Priceless photo really. And don’t know if you noticed but it also looks like she has no boobs & a food baby.

  • k

    pris, once you pointed out her food baby, i noticed she looks eerily like britney in this picture…LOL

  • Pris

    Most definitely! She’s always making faces like that!

    By the way, they couldn’t have found a more uh… graphic (& huge) lookin’ phallic object for this uh… humanitarian act of sex-education charity… (probably picked by hand by Ashley)

  • Cynicat

    I haven’t ever seen a human one, live or televised, that was that vieny…seriously, Ashtard picked a winner

  • champagne

    Thanks I was jonesing for an ihateashley and i still like ashley but i love ihateashley.

  • Russian Bastard

    Ha………..poor people…