Chloe Lattanzi Is Hopelessly Undevoted To Britney Spears

Holy crap. First of all, Olivia Newton John’s daughter, Chloe Lattanzi, did not inherit her mother’s looks. In fact, somehow, in some freaky genetic mystery, she inherited the looks of a cross between Marilyn Manson and MacKenzie Phillips. Which, I don’t need to tell you, isn’t good news for Chloe.

Anyway, she was forced to sing Britney Spears’ Toxic on Rock the Cradle the other night. And the result, as you’ll see in the video, was an unmitigated disaster.

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  • Zachary

    Okay, so that was both really terrible and really good at once. I am so confused.

    I think the badness is that her lips can’t move, limiting her singing ability.