Hooray! Family Feud is the Breast! I mean Best!

If you were going on a game show as a contestant, and you knew that you had the chance to win a substantial amount of cash and prizes, and more importantly, you knew that you were likely going to be doing lots of jumping and cheering, what sort of top would you wear?  Thank you, alert and astute reader Jamie for bringing this clip to our attention.




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  • rulsgrl

    OMG it was completely out there! How embarressing! Why on earth would someone wear that shirt without one of those stick on bras, or at least those stick on nipple bandaid things….she def. needed the support……poor thing. and it looked like she was standing next to her dad!

  • Mom2Two

    well, that’s one way to get famous!!! she had her ulterior motives when picking out her wardrobe that day… that’s awseome!

  • Pris

    And she didn’t even need Justin!

  • http://www.themockdock.com Holmes

    And I get arrested at the public library for putting “it” out on the Agatha Christie novels…no motives here…just fetish…just good old British mystery fetish…