Rocky and Hayley: Stars in the Making

Hey – you know how stage parents are generally the most annoying people on earth? Well, the new VH1 show, I Know My Kid’s A Star, has outdone even your WORST stage parent nightmare, by introducing the horrific transvestite-ish mom Rocky, who wants her daughter Hayley to buy her a dream house.

Watch -as she helps Hayley learn a truly age-appropriate song to perform for the world-renowned talent-finder, Danny Bonaduce.

“Is my tampon string showing?” You don’t get classier than that, mockdockers.

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  • hhheh


  • Sharon

    I loved the show and Rocky was my favorite. She was great!

  • Darius

    Me too Rocky was wonderful what a great show I hope it comes back. Those kids were talented. Loved Devon and Kevin,
    too bad they were so short lived. Loved Cheyenne too wish there was info on where they all are now.