Dubai: Home To People Who Are Unaware That Britney Lipsyncs.

According to the Daily Star, a group of super rich sheiks are offering Britney FOUR MILLION DOLLARS and the use of her own private island.  And all she has to do in return is perform I’m A Slave 4 U for them.  One time.  That’s it.  That’s her entire assignment.  Which, granted, is a tough one for her given that she is incapable of singing anything without a lot of mechanical and electrical and technological assistance.

How can someone who’s this much of a f*&k-up continue to get these kinds of offers?  She’s also been given a bit part on some sitcom that I never watch but is apparently rather funny, which is to air later in the month.  It’s like people just keep hiring her to do stuff, and they keep throwing wads of cash at her, and meantime I go to work everyday and live a normal life and wear underwear and no one throws wads of cash at me.

Is this really the secret of success?  No underwear and voluntary baldness? 

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