Christie Brinkley Has Flappy Slacks

I can’t snark on Christie Brinkley too much, because she’s over 50 and she is pretty much amazing looking, but what the hell is going on with these pants?  There is the issue of the camel-or-some-other-kind-of-animal-toe, but there is also the secondary issue of the high-waistedness, and the tertiary issue of the flaps.   

Flaps?  On pants?  Why? 

I checked, and this photo was NOT taken at a Star Trek audition.  So I’m left with absolutely no explanation whatsoever.  You all can take your best shot.  I’m open to any possibility.

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  • Gabone

    A camel toe that big is upgraded to “moose knuckle” status.

    Those pants make it look like she has a very oversized hoohaa.

  • Holmes

    I would even move to “Meat Curtains”… this scale must be developed further!


    Right and it’s very beautiful !